Passenger on Motorcycle Killed in Crash


JORDAN TOWNSHIP — A woman riding as a passenger on a motorcycle died after a crash in Lycoming County.

State police said Rhonda Killian of Berwick was killed when the motorcycle wrecked on Route 118 near Unityville.

It happened near the intersection with Whiteknight Road in Jordan Township around 6:40 p.m. Saturday.

Troopers said the driver lost control on a curve, and the bike hit a guide rail and embankment and flipped.

The driver of the motorcycle, Robert Killian of Berwick, was flown to the hospital.


  • Frankie P.

    Click it or Ticket in a Car with protection around you, BUT ride Free down a road with no Helmet on a high powered crotch rocket ! Total Lunacy of the Law

    • Sam

      Where did you read that they were not wearing helmets ?
      I do agree that it is stupid to not wear one on a bike, but we can thank the insurance industry for pushing the helmet law that is in place now.
      its cheaper to pay off a death claim than to pay for the hospital bills.

      Remember this.
      When do they ever make a change that benefits you !!
      Even if you get something out of it,
      they will get more out of it.

    • JohnKimball

      Everything we do in life is dangerous. It just depends on the level of risk you’re willing to accept in exchange for living your life and making the most of your short time on this earth.

      • suicide machines

        Because of foolish risks insurance costs skyrocket and get passed on to you and I. And now because someone chose to die because they wanted to make the most out of their short (ened) life, I have to dig deeper in MY pocket to pay my premium? That’s not right is it?

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