Garlic Festival Draws Thousands to Monroe County

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- People from all over the Northeast drove to a ski resort in Monroe County to sample some pungent delights.

The 2016 Pocono Garlic Festival wrapped up after growers, cooks, and fans of the clove celebrated the popular vegetable.

With garlic ice cream, garlic sauces, garlic pickled tomatoes,  even garlic flavored doggie treats, the festival at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area had a little garlic for everybody.

The garlic festival started in the back of a church parking lot 22 years ago.

Suzy and Herb Weinman have been coming for eight years.

"I live to cook. We love garlic, so what better place to be on Labor Day weekend," said Suzy Weinman of Dallas.

Garlic lovers bought fresh garlic, attended garlic cooking demonstrations, and even took part in a garlic chopping demonstration.

The festival wasn't just a taste-tasting cooking event, organizers say it was also a chance to educate.

"I think some people don't even realize how it's grown. They think it might be grown on a tree, but when they see and we explain it to them that it's grown locally, a lot of people aren't aware of that," said Paul Milenkowic of Knob View Farm.

The festival features hard neck garlic which is only grown in our area.

Each vendor had their very own  garlic dish from pizza garlic sea salt to garlic salsa.

Farmers say the hot summer made it a little difficult to harvest the vegetable, but they pulled through.

Farmers say Garlic Fest gives them a chance to connect with other farmers. It also gives them a chance to add garlic to different recipes.

"You can do anything with it. I mean, I marinate chicken, I use it on my mashed potatoes, you can stir fry with it," said Andrew Goforth of Torchbearer Sauces.


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