Water Main Break Damages Road, Floods Basement in Carbondale

CARBONDALE -- An 8-inch water main valve broke along Wyoming Street in Carbondale early Friday morning.

Pennsylvania American Water crews spent hours working to restore water to a handful of homes, while one dealt with flooding from it all.

"I never saw a refrigerator floating until today," said Jack Williams, who had to drain his basement after it was flooded because of the water main break. "(There's) a little lake in our basement. It didn't take long to fill up, that's for sure."

Williams's home ended up with about four feet of water.

"Unfortunately, the way the walkway goes into our driveway, we were the receiver of all that gushing water," he added.

Water was restored to all customers a little after noon.

Wyoming Street is the last remaining brick street in Carbondale, but because of the main break, which took out a lot of the dirt that existed underneath the brick, it will likely need to be rebuilt and replaced with pavement.

"At this point, (we're) probably looking at a total reconstruction," said Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor. "I don't think there's any way to save the brick unfortunately."