The End of an Ice Cream Era

SALEM TOWNSHIP -- While many ice cream shops are getting ready to close for the season, one in Luzerne County may be closing for good.

Big B's restaurant and ice cream shop has been in business near Berwick for more than 60 years. After selling soft serve ice cream and sundaes since the ‘50s, the shop on Route 11 in Salem Township is closing.

This is one of the last days that the Soberick family will gather inside Big B's.

"It's been a real journey. My brother actually started it, and my sister had the restaurant. My brother had the ice cream stand," said Bill Soberick.

Back in the ‘50s, if kids didn't have enough money for ice cream, they could do a head stand to get a free cone.

Soberick took over the family business in the ‘60s then passed it on to his daughters. After their mother's recent passing, the family has made a tough decision to close the business, so they can spend more time together and make new memories outside the shop.

"I try not to talk about it. It's difficult, part of your body your soul you are losing it. It won't be there anymore," said Soberick.

Big B's posted on Facebook to let customers know it was closing, and within 24 hours, the post had been shared hundreds of times, reaching nearly 30,000 people. Many of them commented on their younger days and the memories made while eating ice cream at Big B's.

"I cried. I woke up and cried. I was so overwhelmed and grateful for all the support and the memories. It meant so much to our family throughout the years," said Kellie Soberick Eyer.

To close out their final season, Big B's is having buy one, get one free sundaes. It’s their last way to say thank you.

"The hope is for somebody to come in like our family, and take care of it like we did," Kristi Soberick said.

The Soberick family is selling the business, and if the new owner is willing to keep the ice cream shop open, the Sobericks say they would be more than glad to work for free every once in a while to make sure the business stays a success.