Pizza Shop Manager Accused of Sexually Assaulting Employees

EDWARDSVILLE -- The manager of a pizza parlor in Luzerne County is accused of sexually assaulting two juvenile workers.

Two girls who work for Antonio's Pizza in Edwardsville both claim their boss touched them inappropriately while they were on the job.

On Friday, Edwardsville police filed charges against Ireneo Panecatl of Hanover Township. The father and married man is charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors.

Panecatl is a manager at Antonio's in the West Side Mall.

Court papers show that around the beginning of July, he inappropriately touched a teenage girl while both were working at the pizza shop. The girl told police she was asking for her paycheck and Panecatl said it was in the back office. She followed him there and said he lifted her shirt and pulled down her pants.

Court papers also show that earlier this week, that girl got a phone call from a teenage coworker who said she was also sexually assaulted by the manager.

The two girls then went to police.

Outside of Antonio's Pizza, one customer told Newswatch 16 she was surprised by the allegations.

“We come here all the time, but when you hear stuff like that, you kind of think maybe I don't want to come here,” said Aubrey Mitych of Wyoming.

Panecatl is locked up. He's due back in court later this month.

His lawyer says Panecatl has lived in Luzerne County for 20 years and has never been in trouble before.


  • Lis

    You people are deplorable, there’s no evidence that these girls are lying and yet you all assume they have done something wrong when they aren’t even the ones being accused. This society is screwed from every angle.

    • Tina

      It’s awful that a woman has to worry about “asking for it” if they report a man for inappropriately touching them. No one “asks for it” just by existing. Some men need to be raised to be gentlemen, not animals. Wonder what kind of parents are out there that raise a man to think it’s acceptable to treat women like a piece of meat.

  • Gerri Wulf

    It’s nice everyone can make joke about what he did to these girls, who was taught good work ethics so they could make money for school or a car. how do you think he made they feel how can they trust anyone now. Would you all be making jokes if it was your daughter, niece or granddaughter no you be mad as hell . these girl trusted him so did their family because they knew him along time but I guess you really don’t know the real person just how they want you to see them.
    His a father would he like it if some one did this to his sons.

    • Lis

      This nonsense is the reason women are afraid to report assault. You have two young girls with similar stories and your immediate thought is they are setting him up? Why? You have no idea what happened and most assault cases go undocumented because people are afraid they won’t be believed.

      • Yaa

        What the hell do two teens get out of accusing this guy & his run down pizza shop?
        Fame and glory? Lots of money? Lack of Job?

        You know what they get? They get harassed by people like you and now will miss school days because they will probably be meeting up with lawyers and going to court. They did a good thing, and may have prevented other children from sexual assault or even rape if all the evidence checks out. PEOPLE cannot do that to our children!!!!

  • Tina

    His lawyer must think they are going to get the same judge Brock Turner had. Nice guy, he’s lived there for 20 years and never got in trouble before, so he should be excused for assaulting 2 teenage girls?

    • Charlie

      That’s a definite no, Tina. This guy took his position of authority much too far. The laws are the laws and may they be straight and narrow.

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