Labor Day Weekend Last Hurrah for Campers

UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP -- People spent the day preparing for a fun holiday weekend in Northumberland County.

Labor Day weekend is a busy one at Fantasy Island Campground near Sunbury. There are 100 campsites, and they are all booked.

"Everybody has a good time. Sunday we have entertainment. There's bingo Friday night, and just all kinds of things going on," said Doug Feltman with Fantasy Island Campground.

Labor Day weekend is a popular time to go camping because it is a three day weekend for a lot of people.

Andrew Fisher of Bloomsburg says Labor Day weekend is his family's last getaway before summer is over.

"We just like to go out on the river and enjoy. I mean the campground is just fun to come to all together," Fisher said. "You know, once Labor Day comes it's getting colder. It's colder today. Before you know it, we'll all be out of here and it will be the end of the camping season for everybody."

The campers we spoke with told Newswatch 16 they're not concerned with the weather. They're just really optimistic that it's going to be a really nice weekend.

"It actually looks a lot better than it has the last couple of weeks," said Feltman.

Sandy Painter and her husband are visiting from Reading with a group of around 20 people.

"We're doing Knoebels on Saturday and we like the fact that the river is here. My grandchildren are coming. They're renting the cabin. We have friends coming up to this site," Painter said.

Most campers tell Newswatch 16 they plan to stay until Monday and then it's back to work.