Labor Day Regatta Marks End of Summer in Lock Haven

LOCK HAVEN -- A Labor Day celebration kicks off along the Susquehanna River in Clinton County. The Lock Haven Jaycees Regatta starts Friday night.

Sharon Nixon set up her tent filled with decorations long before the crowds began to show up in Lock Haven.

The street next to the Susquehanna River is blocked off so vendors including Nixon can get ready for the regatta.

For the past 46 years, every Labor Day weekend, the Jaycees hold a carnival and several boat races. It's the civic group's biggest fundraiser of the year.

Boats aren't allowed in the water until the races start.

"It's very noisy. I said you can't hear yourself think sometimes when they start to race," said Judy Turner, Kiwanis Club of Mill Hall.

Judy Turner and her husband Art cook up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the racers who come from across the country.

"You see the same faces. You see the same people year after year,” said Turner.

Turner says there's plenty to do for the entire family. It's why she loves to come back every year, too.

"We have a beautiful river and they make good use out of it," she said.

The regatta lasts through the Labor Day weekend.

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  • Priced to Fail

    It is too expensive to take a family there for the day. The food and rides are overpriced. If you have more than 1 child to feed and wants to go on an amusement ride….it adds up quickly. I know vendors need to make money, but they would sell more if they priced it fairly and more people would attend. I live in Lock Haven, a short distance from the river where this takes place and would love to go there more often. But I won’t pay $7 and up for french fries and I will never order the fried veggies again, they were soggy.

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