Wilkes-Barre Area Students Welcome New Year-Long Holocaust Class

WILKES-BARRE -- The Wilkes-Barre Area School district has a new, year long Holocaust class that school officials believe you won't find anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

It's movie time inside a classroom at Meyers High School in Wilkes-Barre and a 10-minute video shows students the painful reality of the Holocaust. It's part of a new year-long class that covers the entire span of the genocide, from Germany's invasions to the liberation of Nazi camps.

"We've had quite a few wars in this country's history, but the Second World War was a noble, necessary war," said history teacher Jack Evans.

Evans used to teach a semester-long class about the Holocaust, but there's so much material, he was always behind schedule.

"This new system gives me the ample opportunity to teach the whole picture."

Five seniors took Evans' class last school year and admit they didn't know much about the Holocaust.

"I knew that it was a tragic event," said Kelli Meganess.

"It was a mass genocide," added Sidney Lonsdale.

The students also believe having a year to learn about the Holocaust is important.

Many of those seniors who already took the semester-long class are hoping the junior class gets as much out of it as they did.

"They were the greatest generation that ever lived. They fought for the freedom of this country and the peace of the world, pretty much," said Alex Kendra.

While the Wilkes-Barre Area School District already has the year-long Holocaust class going, the class will be strongly encouragedĀ in every school district in Pennsylvania next school year.


  • I Am The Antipope

    Are they going to keep perpetuating the myth that Jews were the only victims?

    What about the non-Jewish Russians, Roma/Gypsies, Belarusians,Ukrainians, Poles, French, Dutch, and even Germans that were executed by the Nazis?

    • Bleepnoid

      Lest we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat in the future. It was not only a time when millions were simply executed, but, those who fought back with little more than pitchforks and shovels. The brave underground. Christians who harbored their Jewish neighbors.

    • Proud Jew Who Gladly Left NEPA Because of People Like The Antipope

      That is a fair question…but when fully half of the total number killed is of one group and when that group was the designated target of the genocide then, yeah, they get to be the lead of this story. I haven’t taken the class or reviewed the syllabus, but I’d be willing to bet that the other 6 million people over the various groups you mention will be addressed, but the Jewish Genocide is the real story. Maybe they weren’t the only victim, but they were the primary target. And that should garner a little more of your compassion.

  • joemama1980

    This is not preparing kids for college or the work force. Every time schools cry about not having enough money they come up with new useless classes.

    • Nicksmom61

      The school system is NOT here to prepare kids for college or the workforce. The school system is here to EDUCATE young people. It’s here to give them knowledge and make them well-rounded individuals; that includes things like art, music, and history. My son took German with Mr. Evans last year and he included a lot of the Holocaust Class into his German class. He REALLY enjoyed it and still talks about it and was disappointed when he found out the school we transferred him to doesn’t offer German or a similar class about the Holocaust.

      • Richie A

        The school system IS HERE to prepare students for employment and college, that’s why parents send kids to school and pay taxes!…The Holocaust is only a small part of WW2 and the class is a waste of taxpayer money…We didn’t fight the war to free the Jews but to free Europe and prevent our own demise…enough is enough of the Holocaust…

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