Talkback 16: Donald Trump and Mexico, Joe Snedeker, and Talkback 16 Itself

On this edition of Talkback 16, viewers express their feelings on a matter of topics: the woman released from jail after poisoning her son's girlfriend, another woman who left her two kids in her car while exercising, Trump visiting Mexico, Joe Snedeker, and Talkback 16 itself.


  • Writer Girl

    So glad Donald Trump is running for president. It’s about time America stops letting the world walk all over them.
    For those who think that’s hateful, dig into your pockets and support the illegals. Wise up, America. Vote for Trump!

    • Not writer girl

      I’d like to know what your definition of the world is. You say the world is walking all over America. Funny, we’ve invaded sovereign countries with our military and decimated their people, their lands and their economies. Our corporations have also done the same thing. If they have something we want, we take it. Please stop parroting Fox News, your friends and open your eyes.

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