Pricier Parking in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Parking in downtown Scranton just got a bit more expensive.

A deal for the National Development Council to take over the Scranton Parking Authority was finalized Thursday afternoon.

Now, it will cost 25 cents more an hour to park at a meter and 50 cents more for your first hour in a city parking garage.

The new parking company will offer a one-time warning if you park too long during the next 30 days.


  • Supporter of America

    Let’s see, no one really wants to go to Scranton and the people there for the large part can’t afford to leave for one reason or another. Hey guys, I know what we can do lets sell stuff off and let other people charge more money for the few that “have” to be here. That way they can never leave and we can keep driving Scranton further down the drain! Brilliant!! You want people that claim to be “Scrantonese” running our COUNTRY, then all Americans will be paying more while we watch other countries laughing as we circle the drain.

    • E

      Bwah ha ha! Did it ever occur to you that the people that “have” to be in Scranton are there because no decent community wants them and because they realize that a burnt out coal slum is the only place they can blend in and pretend to be decent people. All trash eventually ends up in a garbage dump; human or otherwise.

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