Pittston Township Sewer Authority Grant Suspended


PITTSTON TOWNSHIP —  Cell phone video shot this spring shows a manhole appearing to overflow.

It’s just one of the concerns raised in a letter sent to the Pittston Township Sewer Authority by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection about the installation of a new sewer line along Suscon Road.

“You want residents to be confident in that sewer project that work is progressing smoothly,” said Colleen Connolly.

What’s on the video is also one of several concerns that have now prompted the Department of Community & Economic Development  to suspend a grant that was partially funding the sewer project.

“Finally, our efforts have brought to light all of the problems associated with this project,” said one neighbor.

The grant money was suspended until the sewer authority responds and resolves the issues cited in the letter from the DEP.

“It should wake them up because we’ve been going to meetings for the last eight months and they don’t listen to anything we tell them,” said another neighbor.

The state grant money makes up only a portion of the funding and work on the project is continuing. But many people believe by the state suspending their funding, it sends a message to Pittston Township.

The sewer authority has responded to the DEP and believes the issues have been resolved, and they are also confident that funding through that state grant will eventually be restored.

Now, the DEP is reviewing the response.