Penn State University Honoring Former Coach Joe Paterno This Fall

STATE COLLEGE -- Social media exploded over news Penn State University is planning to honor former head coach Joe Paterno this year.

The school will honor Paterno during the home game against Temple on September 17th.

Activities will take place throughout the game to commemorate Paterno's first game as Penn State's head coach... fifty years ago.

This comes after Paterno was fired in the fall of 2011 following the arrest of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky on child sex abuse charges.

Paterno died in early 2012.

A statue dedicated to him was removed from outside Beaver Stadium a few months following his death.


  • Naruto uzumaki

    if he was good ol boy he should have gone right to the cops. let’s face it if he wasn’t a football coach you’d all be saying lethal injection. seems like good wholesome things like church and sports tend to enable child molesters.

  • unhappy valley

    Pennstate removes joe’s statue, now they’re going to honor him? Pennstate sounds to be more confused than the young boy probably was in the shower right before sandusky violated his bunghole.

  • Mr. PSU

    The people that talk bad about Joe are probably all Norte Damers. Hey what about the priests is that why all the catholic churches are closing, you don’t see any other churches closing like the catholic churches

  • Dan Wesson

    My wife and I both went to Penn State. That man was one of the most decent people you could ever ask for. If you want to burn someone at the stake she is running for president. She should be in a federal prison. And further more if it takes 30 years to come foreword you have the problem not Joe Pa. Rest in peace pal.

  • Timothy Tingley

    What is wrong with these people? Sandusky gets his pension , and Paterno is going to be “honored”. He is a scumbag , who enabled a child molester, what part of that is unclear?

  • bob pointon

    Joe Paterno bled blue,green&white for penn state!penn state was that dedicated man’s life and the penn state heirachy at the time should be should be ashamed of taking joe’s life away from him(PENN STATE FOOTBALL)!!!they are doing the right thing now by honoring him!!!his statue should also be placed back at the stadium.hang his bosses above him and then let the healing begin!!! bob pointon(former penn state fan.

    • I hate child abusers

      YUCK. That is so gross. Honor a dirty old man who covered up child sex abuse. Yeah go penn state be proud of pedophiles. Anyone who still supports this man must bea-ok with. Child molestation. Yuck and gross. GoTemple hope they beat your team again this year. Go owls.

    • Mad Momma

      Really BOB did you just say they “should be should be ashamed of taking joe’s life away from him(PENN STATE FOOTBALL)!” Really ??!!! WOW. What about destroying the lives of the kids who were sexually abused while he turned his head? He could have put a stop to it and choose not too. What about the lives of the children that were destroyed because of this man and his buddies?! Who cares right who care about them ? Not you, not Penn State. As long as you get to watch boys in tight pants tackle each other right? Yea football.So manly ..

      • Billy Hill

        The bottom line is this. Joseph Paterno was probably the most Passionate Ombudsmen of College Football AND STUDENT LIFE, that has ever walked upon the gridiron. He loved the sport and he loved the school for certain; But his life was purely and clearly the GOOD of THE STUDENTS !!! The clear fault in the whole mess with Sandusky lies in the hands of the PSU Board of Directors. Paterno notified the Board of allegations of abuse as soon as he was made aware of it, and the PSU Board of Directors chose to try and Poo-Poo it for a long time. They are the Rats plain and simple. They felt that pointing the smoking gun at a Dying Man would surely admonish them; but time has a way of wearing away at the crust that encapsulates and obscures the object of the TRUTH. JoePa was an honorable man and his glory should be reinstated with INTEREST.

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