Parish Prepares to Celebrate Mother Teresa’s Sainthood

MAHANOY CITY --  Eight years ago, a parish in Mahanoy City formed, and it was named after Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

For eight years, parishioners have been opening their bibles saying a prayer taped inside, for the Blessed Mother to become a saint.

On Sunday, that will happen.

A group of women at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta in Mahanoy City are part of a committee preparing for the church's special canonization celebration.

At the same time the Pope canonizes Mother Teresa in Rome, the church in Mahonoy City will ring its bells in celebration and light candles with her name on them.

Then,  a celebration that hundreds are expected to attend.

The day of the Blessed Mother's canonization is special to all Catholics but particularly for those at the church in Mahanoy city.

"How many people can say they belong to a church where they can say a human being saint was actually here in person, said Janice Maziekas of Mahanoy City.

"A little bit of heaven came down to earth and dwelled in that woman. And that little bit of heaven sat in this pew, " said Alice Moore of Mahanoy City.

In 1995 , just two years before Mother Teresa died, she visited Mahanoy City and this church.

"Shortly after she left she was in Rome, and she was talking to a monsignor that was in our area. He asked her how did the trip to Mahanoy City go? She said, 'They decorated for me. They decorated in blue and white'. We took that to heart," said Donna Dicasimirro, who chairs the canonization committee.

Now, the outside of the church is lined with blue and white ribbon.

The inside will be filled with similar blue and white decoration for a day of celebration, when the woman who most already considered a saint officially becomes one.