‘Ghost Bike’ Added to Hit-and-Run Memorial

SCRANTON -- The family of a man killed this weekend in a hit and run in Scranton want to thank the person who anonymously added to his roadside memorial.

Michael Harmer's family says sometime Wednesday night, someone dropped off a "ghost bike" at the memorial on South Main Avenue where Harmer was hit over the weekend.

The ghost bike is painted white and has Michael's name on it.

The family says it was placed there by someone who is part of a national movement to honor people who are killed on bikes. The movement aims to anonymously place the bikes.

The family has been in contact with the person who made Michael's ghost bike.

Harmer will be laid to rest next weekend.


    • Anonymous

      Well people who drive know the laws of the road, and after what happened to Mike, people should pay more attention to the damn road! That memorial is in memory of an amazing man, and it deserves to be there in his honor!!!! R. I. P. Mike, you are missed and loved dearly.

      • Craig Brown

        People do know the laws of the road but city people dont follow those laws. Like i said, there WILL be a car crash on that street or somebody will accidentally crash into the memorial. Its a bad location for the memorial.

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