Crews Help Pull Dog from Well in Luzerne County

Crews were called in to help pull Bo the dog from a well in Butler Township.

Crews were called in to help pull Bo the dog from a well in Butler Township.

BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Crews were called in Thursday morning to help rescue a dog from a well in Luzerne County.

The dog and his owner have been reunited after the animal went for a walk in the woods and fell down a well.

The dog fell down a well in Drums sometime Thursday morning. He's very lucky he wasn't hurt and lucky a neighbor heard the dog's cry for help.

This 6-year-old blue tick coon hound named Bo can finally relax at the Luzerne County SPCA near Wilkes-Barre.

After Bo's owner left the Beech Mountain development in Drums for work, a neighbor called 911.

"A female had heard a dog yelping and she didn't know where the dog was," explained Butler Township Officer George Keifer.

Officer Keifer never heard that yelping when he got to Beech Mountain but he searched anyway and ended up in the woods behind some homes.

"It's one of those things when you come up over that hill and walk through the woods. It's something that you don't expect, having a dog, trapped in a well like that."

Officer Keifer found Bo sitting in an abandoned wet well about six and a half feet deep. He could not get the dog out by himself so he called for help.

"It may have injured its back legs. It was unknown at that time. I just wanted to keep the dog calm until we're able to get the dog out, get the dog out safely," said Officer Keifer.

Fire crews from Valley Regional and West Hazleton came by to finish the rescue.

It took just minutes to get Bo out of the well and brought to the SPCA.

"The dog was pretty shaken up. The dog was extremely wet, obviously. We provided some food and fresh water and we dried the dog off, and the dog seems to be OK," Officer Keifer added.

The dog's owner picked up Bo at the Luzerne County SPCA in Plains Township Thursday afternoon and said he's happy Bo is OK.


  • Sleazy publicity stunt

    2ft. Is that even a hole? Sure the dog needs a hand up, I just don’t understand why they didn’t call a priest to pose with them

  • Timmy O'Toole

    There’s a hole in my heart
    As deep as a well
    For that poor little boy
    Who’s stuck halfway to Hell.

    Though we can’t get him out
    We’ll do the next best thing.

    We go on TV and sing, sing, sing.

    And we’re sending our love down the well.

    All the way down.

    We’re sending our love down the well.

    Down that well.

  • Conroy

    Wow. That six foot deep well looks suspiciously like 3 feet. And to call the fire department. Just jump in pick up the dog and climb out. Instead crews show up and a news story

    • not news

      That’s what im thinking. The dog could have probably just jumped out eventually. An over dramatic response just like everything in this paranoid world we live in. C’mon dave, your reporting is usually pretty stellar but this story falls short. Go walk around Hazleton for a second and bring us back a real story.

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