Business Owners Find Deals at Grocery Store Auction in Scranton

SCRANTON -- A grocery store that recently closed in Scranton provided some bargains for other businesses on Thursday.

Items inside the Weis store in Scranton were auctioned off piece by piece.

The aisles of the former Weis store in Scranton's south side became an auction floor. Most of the bidders were business owners themselves.

"It's the adrenaline rush," said Barney Sheridan of Lansford.  "It's got everything, and sometimes you get caught, sometimes you don't."

Sheridan made the trip up from Carbon County. He says auctions like this one have become almost necessary to keep his pub open.

"We're trying to save money and get stuff that is at a more reasonable rate, and as I said, to stay ahead of the business," said Sheridan. "People's eating habits, drinking habits, everything is changing."

Weis shut the doors at the store on South Washington Avenue store about a week and a half ago. The regional grocery store's misfortune could benefit a small business owner.

The auction company is from Minnesota and has a following from all over the country. There were bidders from six different states and even people bidding over the phone and online.

This was Abbie Youngblood's first time as an auction bidder and she has a plan.

"A little bit, I know what I want and I know I'm not going to go over a certain price."

Youngblood wants to expand the bakery she runs out of her house in the back mountain of Luzerne County.

"Everything's very expensive and, like, one pan is $15 where hopefully I get it here cheaper."

Not everything got sold, but Weis and the auctioneer will collect the money made from the hundreds of items that did.

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  • Leroy

    Most items were junk that was sent up from Subury, like rotted out coolers that were not even in working order.
    Good luck to those that got suckered.

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