Latinos in NEPA React to Trump’s Mexico Visit

LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- It's dinner time at La Tonalteca and the Mexican restaurant in Dickson City was busy.

Many of the servers there are from Mexico or from parts of Central America and say they came here to make a better life for themselves as American citizens.

“Yes, I am a citizen now. I came to this country in 1990 when we were having the civil war in El Salvador,” said Mirciades Diaz. “I basically escaped.”

“Work hard, you know? Work for their families and get a better future, you know?” said Alma Camacho.

They say they've been hurt that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has painted immigrants coming in from Mexico as criminals.

“Knowing how hard my parents have worked of course it hurts me,” said Camacho. “We’re not here to do anything wrong. We’re just here to work.”

Trump took a surprise visit to Mexico Wednesday where he met with Mexico's president.

Trump says the men discussed trade and the building of wall along the U.S/Mexico border but Trump did not mention making Mexico pay for that wall.

The owner of Don Pancho Villa Restaurant in south Scranton feels this visit was a ploy to catch Hispanic voters.

“He's losing the Spanish vote. That's what I thought because I don't think the Spanish community is going to vote for him,” said Roberto Sosa.

Lackawanna County businessman Bob Bolus is a staunch Trump supporter.

He says Trump's Mexico visit shows he's ready to be president.

“A smart leader talks first and acts later if necessary,” said Bolus. “And that's what Donald Trump has demonstrated. We're a nation of laws. Mexico realizes that.”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slammed Trump's Mexico visit saying building relationships with other countries takes more than a "photo opp."


  • donald's love child

    Just look at the thumbsup/thumbsdown responses on here in reference to the trump comments. I would say this is a pretty accurate way of determining what the clinton-trump voting ratio will be in Pennsylvania come this November. My friends, it looks like we have a WINNER! Based on the thumbsup/thumbsdown ratio, i declare Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

  • magicmikexxsm

    So Mirciades Diaz., you came to this country broke our laws and fed off the system….you say you are a citizen now, how did that happen? I worked with a lovely Korean lady who was here working on a visa, it took her 5 to 7 years or so before she could take the test and be sworn in as a citizen, I remember the day she became a U.S Citizen she called me I was on the road, and she was ecstatic……so Mirciades Diaz.did you go thru that same process??? or are you just fibbing.
    Oh and one other point Mirciades Diaz.”””has painted immigrants coming in from Mexico as criminals.””””” Trump did not paint ALL as you say , funny you people always forget what trump really said…….

    • k

      The article states that she came here 26 years ago in 1990. There are many pathways to citizenship- marriage, the green card naturalization process which takes about 6 months after filing your N-400 form with the INS, maybe she’s not illegal maybe she’s just a permanent resident (which isn’t illegal at all)..maybe she came here on amnesty because her country was in the midst of a civil war. Don’t judge before you can even begin to unravel the complicated (even to a native born english speaker) process that is immigration today

  • CeeMe

    Americans work hard and want a better life, also. One where they aren’t paying for people who just decided to come here, without regard for our laws. Educate and pay for yourselves and your children. Go back to where you came from and fix your own countries, instead of taking the easy way out.

  • SON of man

    I can believe you have hotdog Bob saying “this is a nation of laws.” Y’all have reported on him multiple times being arrested and or charged with criminal activity. Of course he would support another ignorant scum criminal.

  • JohnKimball

    Sixty-six percent of households headed by an illegal immigrant are on at least one form of welfare. How about this station goes and asks the hard-working owners and workers at other restaurants in the area how they feel about paying extra taxes to support people who shouldn’t even be here? Or how about they go find the people waiting in line to come here LEGALLY and ask them how they feel about the millions jumping the line and having no regard for the laws?

    • Me

      I predict Trump is gonna win. A lot of people won’t admit to anyone that they are voting for him, because they are smart enough to avoid the noise now. So, don’t pay attention to the polls. Just go out and vote Trump.

      • [×] donald j. trump (please check box)

        Me- you are correct. Ive been reading about phone polls, etc. where people are not voicing their true vote choice because they dont want the hassel. I think we are going to end up seeing a Trump landslide victory in november. I voted for trump in the primaries and he will get my vote again in november.

  • Trump 2016!!!!

    If you’re here illegally, you deserve to be thrown out! If you’re a criminal, most certainly need to be thrown out!
    I don’t see the problem… Only a democrat (who is only interested in votes I might add), illegal or criminal would disagree.

    • Me

      I’m w you. In fact I’ve absolutely had w this country. Yes I’m American and yes I’m white. I looked into moving to France and guess what? I can’t get a job in France cause they’re regulated. I cant just arrive there and start working even though I’m educated. Oh no. They protect their jobs. I can’t just move there unless I can prove that I have the financial means. There is no H1 visas. As far as I know they don’t have an immigration problem.

      • JohnKimball

        Absolutely. And go ask a Democrat if they feel France has the right to regulate their immigration, and they’ll say: oh yes, sir, absolutely! Ask them if we have the right to have similar laws, and watch their head explode.

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