Corrections Officer Charged After Dog Left in Hot Car Dies

k9 death

BELLEFONTE — Charges have been filed after a dog died when he was left in a hot car back in July.

Sgt. Chad Holland, 40, of Lock Haven, a Pennsylvania corrections officer, is facing animal cruelty charges, WHTM reports.

Holland is accused of leaving a 2-year-old lab named Totti in a hot car for three hours on July 7 following a training exercise at the Rockview State Prison just outside Bellefonte.

Totti was a drug-detecting dog.

Holland has since been reassigned to a non-canine position at the prison.


  • Writer Girl

    So comforting to know that a 40-year old corrections officer, can’t even take proper care of a dog. God!!!

  • capital murder

    Dont the cops always consider their dog a cop by law? When a citizen harms or kills a cop dog its prosecuted as an officer harmed or killed. Then why isnt this jail guard being charged with murder of a officer?

    • lookback

      Because they are a special class of people, they enforce the laws on everyone else but get to avoid similar penalties for themselves, look up the word hypocrite for further understanding. The CO will probably be given an award, promotion and pat on the back and his fellow officers will probably have a drive to collect money so he can get another puppy, there is no justice in PA, just a good ole boys in blue network.


    Poor dog. He was being groomed (as his purpose in life) to “help humans”, and then killed by “human”. Go figure. RIP Totti.

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