Bees Causing ‘Buzz’ at Carbondale’s City Hall

CARBONDALE -- It's usually a bad day if you have to visit Carbondale Police.  Now, there's a good reason to stay away.

The only sting going on at the police department is three floors up. A colony of bees chose Carbondale's City Hall as home Tuesday morning. The police officers have moved to another part of their department for the public's safety.  Other city employees are making do.

"We admire the good taste of the bees who are also admiring our building as a possible winter home but it simply can't work. It's the wrong environment, but for the time being, they're with us," said S. Robert Powell, President of the Carbondale Historical Society.

Powell has been admiring the hive outside City Hall's third floor museum.  Though the 124-year-old building is picturesque, it isn't the perfect environment for the bees.

"It's remarkable how once they get in, there's something wrong with the environment inside and they quickly die once they get in. But, there's quite a number of them that are not dead that are in the wall right now," he added.

Bee experts have told city officials have told Carbondale city officials that the hive can't survive long in the building. Still, they hoped to save as many bees as possible in the next few days.

Carbondale's Mayor, Justin Taylor, said beekeepers have already been able to save about 500 bees.  Entrances to the hive have been identified and sealed off in case of future swarms.

The bees' eviction notice comes this weekend.


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