Wallenpaupack Golf Coach Bob Simons 46 Years Of Coaching And Approaching 600 Wins

After another short trip in the school van Bob Simons and his Wallenpaupack golf team prepare for their match.

This year is special. Senior Kyle Pillar won the school's 1st Jackman title, and 600 career wins is fast approaching for this legendary coach.

"I started in 1971 when I graduated from Bloomsburg University and then I ended up at Wallenpaupack Area High School, and I'm still technically there 46 years later. I'm still there. I taught there for 35 years and I've been retired for 11 years, but the school is very good to me. They let me coach golf. Explain to me what it means to get 600? It's really basically three things. I've had great players through those 46 years, and as I mentioned the school district has been good to me and my family," said Bob.

"It means a lot to me because he obviously he coached my dad. He coached a bunch of the guys on the teams fathers or uncles. So obviously he knows what he is doing 48 consecutive winning seasons so you can't beat that," said Kyle.

After serving in the National Guard for one year in 1970 Coach Simons took over this program at Wallenpaupack a year later. Fast forward 46 years of incredible coaching and Coach Simons still feels good and he sees no end in sight to his coaching career.

"And I re-evaluate after every year, so after this season I'll see what is coming up and how my health is, and then I could be back again next year Steve," added Bob.

The coaching resume is dotted with accomplishments. 8 Wayne County titles, 8 District 12 championships, and 1 Lackawanna League title, but that doesn't compare to all the memories.

"I just love the game. I've been playing it for all my life, and I just like the friendship with the members of the golf course at Honesdale, and I try to relay that message to the boys on the golf team as well. This is a learning situation and the rest of your life you can play this golf game and that is what it's all about," again said Bob.

Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 Sports reporting from Lackawanna County.

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