Dog Shot on Front Porch in Dunmore

DUNMORE -- A dog is on the mend after being shot on a front porch in Lackawanna County.  Now, police are trying to figure out where the shot came from.   It's not the first time an animal was targeted in that neighborhood in Dunmore.

The 9-year-old Dachshund mix named Sadie is expected to recover. Her veterinarians said she was hit with a .22-caliber bullet. It happened Monday afternoon around when most of the neighbors on Third Street in Dunmore were out enjoying the nice weather.

"I can't even imagine, in someone's mind span, who could ever think to do something like this to an animal," said Sadie's owner Sharon.

Sharon sat with Newswatch 16 on her mother's front porch in on Third Street, a favorite spot of hers that's now stained with blood.

Sadie is recovering from a broken pelvis, with a bullet lodged in her bone.

"She's lucky, and everyone in this neighborhood. I mean, the concern next door was if God forbid it ricocheted or something and hit the neighbor next door. I mean, they were all out. That's crazy," Sharon added.

The next door neighbor, who did not want to be identified, was out on her front porch Monday afternoon.

"I heard a popping sound. I looked to my right. I heard it on my right. The dog started screaming crying, at the same time the owner of the house came out and said she saw blood," she said.

Sadie's story was especially concerning for Amy Conboy who lives across the street.  One of her cats was shot and killed near their home last November.

She chalked it up to an accident until she heard what happened to Sadie.

"I was devastated because at first, I thought it was just an accident, that a kid was playing around with a gun. You know, it happens. But then, it's something serious. Something's going on," Conboy said.

Dunmore police are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.


  • E

    First a meth lab in Dunmore, now this. Not surprising in any way considering the fact that approximately half of Dunmore’s population are lowlife Scranton locals who tried to escape their decaying neighborhoods by moving to the adjacent town of Dunmore. It’s hilarious people believe they can escape crime by moving five to ten minutes down the road lol. I guess that’s why people are calling Dunmore “little Scranton”. Lol.

  • JD

    The low life coward that did this should have his a** packed off to Afghanistan or some other foreign country where what he shoots at, SHOOTS BACK!

  • john

    I live 3 blocks away. I walk my dog every day by there. Mr. 22 cal is in for a big surprise if he tries that with any dog while I am around.

  • what is your problem

    Hey loser who shot the dog, you will tell one of your friends and we will find you out. Your other option is to become a silent menace, you’ll eventually get found out by the look on your face.

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