What Can be Improved in Lycoming County?

WILLIAMSPORT -- The Lycoming County Planning Department wants to know what residents would like to see changed and added in their communities, but to do that they need you to take a survey. It's all part of a 10-year plan to improve the county.

If you're like Jenifer Vanness and her fiancé Erik from Muncy, you want to see a positive change in your community.

"I wish there were more activities in the Muncy area that my kids could get involved with in the community, maybe like a community center. There's not so many community centers out or far away from Williamsport,” said Jenifer Vanness.

The planning department in Lycoming County wants to hear from more people like Jennifer.

"I really don't think about the 'do nots.' I think about the wants, I guess," said Vanness.

"What things aren't really working well? What can we do better? What are the things specifically," said Kim Wheeler.

The Lycoming County planning department is working on a 10-year comprehensive plan to help improve the county.

Before they complete it they need to find out what's important to the community. It's why they want you to fill out a survey.

"The survey is actually really simple. It's three basic questions followed by some demographic information that we are collecting," said Megan Lehman.

County employees have been handing out this anonymous survey all summer long, but they are trying to reach as many people as possible, which means putting it online.

"Anyone can take this. They can take it on a smartphone, on a tablet, a computer. If somebody doesn't have access to that technology, they are actually welcome to come to our office and we will take the survey on the phone or mail them a copy,” said Lehman.

"They can't complain anymore," said Leigh McCarty.

Leigh McCarty has lived in Williamsport her entire life. She wants to see improvements in education for her son and herself. It's why she plans to take the survey.

"Let them know how I feel or what I want maybe it will change. Hopefully," said McCarty.

Click here to fill out the survey.