It’s Not a Chrismas Tree, It’s a Donald Trump Tree Standing In Luzerne County

WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- No, it's not Christmas ornaments hanging from a large evergreen tree in Luzerne County. It's a campaign sign, of sorts, for Donald Trump.

Three dozen handmade Trump signs hang from the tree along Route 309 in Mountain Top.

Barbara Krashnak couldn't find a Trump lawn sign, so she came up with this idea instead.

“I kept on doing them, got rid of all the white pieces I had, and they turned out pretty good!” she said.

Many of her neighbors think so too. Ray Okrasinski lives across the street. He saw what she was doing and provided some wire to hang the red, white, and blue Donald Trump ornaments.

“Everyone I talk to is a Trump supporter. I haven't spoken to anybody that would support Hilary,” he said.

Some drivers passing through even stopped to take photos of the tree.

“It definitely got your attention driving by!" said one woman, who stopped to take a picture for her son, a Trump supporter.

Krashnak welcomes the photo ops.

"I just hope he makes it. We just really need him,” she said.

If Trump wins the election, Krashnak hopes he will sign one of her signs hanging from the tree.


  • JoeD.

    Only in Pennsyltucky…..LOL!
    I hope if he is elected he hires contractors from PA to build his wall.
    Then I hope he refuses to pay them so they loss there family businesses.
    What a great supreme leader he will be.

      • JoeD;|

        The truth hurts doesn’t it….thats why call me a liberal like some how its going to offends me LOL.
        Look up some facts you will see he has trail of stiffing contractors. There are plenty of companies that have taken him and his “Russian mob style business practices” to court look up the facts Jack.
        But go on church it up however you want to so it makes you feel like you’re not being bamboozled.
        Wake UP!!! Vote Libertarian!

  • Dave

    That’s a creative idea to show your support for the next President of the United States. We all know it’s only a matter of time until some disrespectful lowlife vandalizes the tree.

    • Raven

      get used to saying “President Trump” if you don’t like it, you can always move to Canada with the rest of the celebrities they said they would if he wins.

      • no thanks...

        I would be interested in hearing how old this person is… as well as the “everyone I speak to is a trump supporter..” this is such a sad year for our country. We have to chose between a sociopath and a thief. Let’s all vote for someone who hasn’t been able to run ONE successful company in his entire life. That’s a great idea!

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