Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair Underway in Wayne County

DREHER TOWNSHIP -- A tradition 99 years in the making is underway in Wayne County.

Many people stopped by the Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair in Newfoundland on Monday, and a lot of kids were there to get one last dose of fun before heading back to school.

Cody Dipalma, age 8, from Paupack starts third grade on Tuesday. He spent his last day out of the classroom at the Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair with his mom.

"It's like a tight schedule because I want to ride the rides, and I also have to go to a school picnic, and I have a sister and someone is watching."

The 99-year-old tradition in Wayne County kicked off last Friday. Hundreds of people from all over come to check out all it has to offer each year.

Cody's mom Lindsey has been coming since she was a kid.

"It's great, and it's been here for years," said Lindsey Dipalma. "I remember coming as a kid and I always loved it, so I enjoy bringing my son."

For the adults, coming to the fair is nice to get out of the house and walk around, but for the kids, they are more interested in the fun, food, and games. Plus, it's something for them to do before they had back to school.

A group from Queens, New York has been rounding out their summer at the GDS fair for the last two years. But this year they brought along little first-timer Eddie Wilmarth who had a very good reason for wanting to drop by.

"I've never been here, so I wanted to come here," he said.

Other youngsters from the group think this fair has more to offer than just fun and games. It's a place where you can learn about animals and check out exhibits, too.

"It's nice because you could learn about the animals and all the stuff they do in a barn," said Autumn Wilmarth.

Preparations for next year's 100th celebration are already in the works and the hope is to give visitors more to see and do.

The Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair runs through September 4 in Newfoundland.