Collapsing Building Causing Concern in Girardville

GIRARDVILLE -- Part of 2nd Street in Girardville is blocked off, after two apartment buildings that were both damaged by fires are collapsing.

The borough has cited both property owners for code violations, but neither has done anything.

Now, authorities say the foundations of both buildings have shifted several times in the past few days.

The borough had to block off part of 2nd Street, and the North Schuylkill School District had to move all bus stops in that area.

"The property owners of both of these buildings behind us really should be ashamed of themselves," said Schuylkill County District Attorney Christine Holman.

After seeing the condition of the buildings, Holman plans to file criminal charges against the property owners. One lives in Ashland, the other in New York. They face charges of creating a public nuisance and possibly even reckless endangerment.

The borough of Girardville, in the meantime, has applied for grant money to tear down the buildings and others in danger of collapsing in the borough.