Bloomsburg Huskies Football Looking To Improve on (7-4) Record

Red-shirt junior quarterback Chris Palubinsky from Shenandoah takes over the offense for the Bloomsburg Huskies. A team coming off a (7-4) campaign and it's 17th consecutive winning season.

"Things are going good. I'm excited that the first game is just around the corner. I think the team as a whole is just excited, so I can't wait to see what we can do on the field," said Chris.

"We'll in the spring he certainly separated himself with his consistent play and checks that we ask our quarterbacks to do and that hasn't changed in camp here. So I think the other guys have competed well too and Duffy Gilhool has certainly got a lot better,so we have a very capable back up right now," said Paul.

It's season four for Paul Darragh at the helm and with 1st team All-PSAC East running back Lawrence Elliott Jr. returning and his 131 YPG it should help improve on Darragh's overall record of (28-8).

"I'm looking to just become a better teammate overall and just give it my all every game and in practice because this is my last go at it so I'm pretty excited about that," said Lawrence.

You know that Elliott Jr is going to be beast for this Huskies offense, but what about the defense? We'll six starters return and Coach Darragh loves what he has on that side of the ball.

"We always played a lot of guys in the past and designated as starters so we feel like we got some good experience and we got some good young players and we have to get them in the right place and get them lined up and I think we have a chance to be a heck of a defense," again said Paul.

"Oh Yeah! Every year you come out you have to be excited. We got a lot back and we have a lot of young talent so we are tying to take a step everyday and get better and be ready for September 2nd," said Jerrin.

The Huskies open on the road at Stonehill College Friday September 2nd. Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Columbia County.