Walking in Wilkes-Barre to Raise Addiction Awareness

WILKES-BARRE -- People in Wilkes-Barre came out to raise awareness about an epidemic that continues to take lives at home and nationally.

Hundreds gathered in Kirby Park Sunday afternoon to join a conversation about drug addiction and the rising number of deaths due to drug overdoses.

Some local foundations and coalitions hosted the event which featured speakers from all walks of life, including local lawmakers, recovering addicts, and folks who have lost loved ones to addiction.

Newswatch 16 spoke with an overdose survivor who says many times it's difficult to spot an addict which makes it hard to understand just how widespread addiction really is.

“Most people you can't even tell that they are, you know. Unfortunately, some people who are involved in it for 20 plus years, it really takes a hold on them, you know,” said Kerry Krasniak of Kingston.

The event here in Wilkes-Barre also featured a walk for remembrance, balloon release, and training on the lifesaving tool, Narcan.


  • k

    It’s not a law enforcement issue, addiction is a disease. That’s why everyone doesn’t become an addict. There are people who due to multiple genetic and societal factors are more at risk.

    • Oh please

      Here’s the thing they don’t need to do it in the first place!!! They were not made to do it they chose to that is why I have such a hard time caring. A lot of them start doing drugs when they are adults so they know better and they’re not teens experimenting!!! They are destructive and nothing but problems, and yet we’re supposed to want to help them when they don’t want to help themselves or when they’ve been to rehab multiple times and still can’t get it together I’m sorry they get too many slaps on the wrist. I think we need to take them throw them in a cell and let them go through withdrawal (not treat them with other drugs so they don’t have them)!! Time for them to grow the hell up and stop
      Being public menaces, crappy parents, thieves and the many other ugly faces they have. Seen it personally for years with a relative and it’s utterly disgusting. They are manipulative life suckers that do nothing but drag everyone around them down.

  • thanks for the ibuprofen you junkies!

    All the junkies want to claim they become “addicted” to opiates after a tooth is pulled or surgery. I say, “bs!” I’ve had all that, but guess what? Im not a junkie. Addiction is nothing more than a weakness. Weak people. And do you want to know what really sucks now? Now, when we go get a tooth pulled, or surgery, the drs. wont give us the appropriate pain meds anymore. We get ibuprofen thanks to these junkies! Now on when i get surgery, ill go grab a big bag of weed and let mother nature take away my pain.

    • Oh please

      Exactly!!! This crap blows my mind. Raising awareness for this crap like we don’t hear it in the news daily. I will not ever feel sorry for these idiot sorry I chose to live my life drug free and so can they.

      • got it all

        I agree with all these posts. Im not drug free at all though. I can do my drugs and not become a junkie. Its called self control. I do coke, alcohol, marijuana, meth, and lsd. I am within control. I have a beautiful family, a house that most people would die for, three nice cars, good job and a dog that loves me more than my wife. Drugs are a good thing if one is in control.

  • ....xx

    More like stupid awareness of course it doesn’t help that black supremacists may have a lot to do with this

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