Bicyclist Dead After Hit and Run, Police Searching for SUV Driver

SCRANTON -- A man is dead after he was hit while riding his bike, sparking a search for the vehicle and the driver who took off.

The deadly hit and run happened early Sunday morning in Scranton, and by late afternoon, police say they had the vehicle involved.

But police are still trying to track down the driver of that vehicle.

Police say they have impounded the SUV they believe was involved in the crash and dash.

Police have not arrested the man they believe was behind the wheel.

According to officials,  the man on the bicycle who died was Michael Harmer of Scranton.

The deadly crash happened just after 7 a.m. along South Main Avenue when the driver hit Harmer.

Police say that is when the driver then took off.

Investigators reconstructed the crash and examined what was left of the bicycle.

Later in the day, near South Main Avenue, police found the white Chevy Tahoe suspected to be involved in the crash.

Police impounded the vehicle and a search warrant is in the works.

Neighbors of the victim spoke out.

“I thought it was a cup in the middle of the road…it was the fella's sneaker. Then, I saw the guy,” said James Sobol.

Hours after the crash detectives found the vehicle they believe was involved, near the same street. Police spoke with the woman who owns the SUV, who is not considered a suspect. Police took her phone as evidence.

You can still see the marking investigators left behind as they reconstructed the crash.

Police say the victim was riding on the side of the road near the sidewalk when he was hit.

Pat Urbanowicz of Scranton says she said a prayer in church after hearing of the crash she calls,"Too close to home."

Neighbors say now there is only one thing left for the driver to do: “Turn yourself in. How can you live with yourself?” says Urbanowicz.


  • allie

    Anyone who is blaming Mike for this, deserves the same treatment as the jerk who murdered him!!! He was high, which is no excuse! He took the life of an amazing person, who didn’t deserve this!! He’s a murder who deserves to be executed. He drug Mike like a piece of garbage! He deserves the harshest of punishments.

  • Joske

    Many of these comments are appalling and downright disgusting. A criminal committed homicide by vehicle against an innocent person minding their own business on a freaking SIDEWALK, and fled the scene which is a FELONY. Yet because the victim was on a bicycle he is to blame for his own death??? What if it was someone walking their dog, or a group of small kids on that same exact sidewalk. Would the same moronic comments still be made? I doubt it. Yet these commenters probably saw one 10 year old on a bike run a stop sign once, and now all people on bikes are law breakers in their small minds. Some people truly are garbage.

  • Noneyo

    So shouldn’t the lady who owns the SUV know who was driving her vehicle or does she just let anyone drive her car. I’m no genius but if she wasn’t driving than she probably knows who it was.

    • Jodie Andrefski

      It seems rather obvious from the article that the women DID tell them the driver’s name. It says “The man they believe did it” and that police took her phone as evidence. Most likely it showed correspondence between the two–perhaps him asking to borrow the SUV.

      Do people actually read the whole article or just love to rush to snap judgements and make negative comments for their own amusement?

  • Joske

    This is why I started using a high-quality rear camera on my bike. Hit me from behind and you WILL be on video, and I will sue you for every penny you own if I’m still alive – or my family will.

  • Pam

    Why are you people blaming the victim? He was run down and whoever did it fled the scene. That’s who is at fault here.

    • Joske

      The cyclist will ALWAYS be blamed, even if the cyclist was following the law perfectly and the motorist was blind, drunk, texting, sleeping, and stupid at the same time. Yep, it was the cyclist’s fault because they don’t pay woad tax.

  • Jessica Dutter

    Mike was on the sidewalk not on the street, the man crossed oncoming traffic and jumped the sidewalk my nephew had no where to go. Witnesses say it looks like he was targeted. I pray to God this man and anyone else with knowledge or participation are thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.

  • Safety101

    I am in no way condoning what happened, but if there was not a lane for bicyclists, he was riding at his own risk. I had a few close calls that could have been avoided if bicycle lanes were on the road. Bicycle riding on the same road that motor vehicles ride on is not a good mix.

    • Sam

      Cyclists are not allowed on the sidewalk, therefore they must ride on the road, unless it is posted, MOTOR VEHICLES ONLY.

    • Joske

      The vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic, and you think a little painted line on the road would have stopped it… This may be the dumbest comment of the year. Also, it’s not a good mix to DRIVE on the same road that motor vehicles ride on, but I bet you do that daily without a second thought. If you think you’re invincible in a car just look at the innumerable memorials on every single interstate highway – doubt any of those were cyclists.

  • Scran-Tony

    Didn’t they make special trails for these idiots. Don’t play in the road ,it’s that simple.
    Demand everyone to pay attention. How’s that working for ya

    • Gina

      No he was hit by a drunk. Them hood rats party till 5 am drinking at that stupid Castle night club getting hammered and acting like idiots. Why is that place open? It’s owned by a Muslim who sends his money to Iran and its full of thug life dealing drugs

    • Joske

      Bike trails aren’t everywhere, have numerous pedestrians, and get very boring very fast for people like me who love cycling. EVERY SINGLE LAW supports cyclists right to use every road except for interstate highways. You are ignorant of the law and common sense, no wonder you have 63+ thumbs down. Keep your low IQ opinion to yourself next time fool.

  • Greg

    So even if someone may be at fault for an accident you should run them down like an animal in the street? No wait, animals have more rights than cyclists who pay taxes and are entitled to ride on roadways. Slowing down and taking 15 SECONDS out of your day does seem like an incredible inconvenience. Distracted motorists driving a several ton vehicle are rarely to blame for accidents and always obey traffic laws. Shout out to Penn dot and street departments for maintaining our streets and keeping the shoulders well maintained.

  • Jason

    Was the cyclist in the street? There’s been a guy riding his bike up and down Main Ave, in heavy traffic, like he’s in a car. Been behind him several times and he’s a real nuisance. Just wondering if the guy that was hit was at fault here. Also been a rash of kids on bike’s weaving in and out of traffic around the A-Plus mini mart on Main Ave in west side. They don’t look or stop, just go wherever they want. Had several near misses with these idiots.

    • Jessica

      This was my nephew no he was on the sidewalk the SUV crossed over oncoming traffic and hit him head on dragging him 26 feet then leaving him for dead this man is a monster. Mike was an amazing man who strives to make everyone smile.

      • Greg

        Heartfelt and sincerest condolences to you and your family. Punishment for this crime will never make up for your loss. Thank you for clarifying this story.

    • Cyclist

      Cyclist are allowed in the street. You are a moron who shouldn’t be allowed to drive if you think a cyclist being in the street is wrong. They are classified as vehicles so now shut your mouth and think before you open your useless noise trap.

      • Jason

        Sorry, but it’s moronic for anyone on a bike to be riding out in the street acting like a bike is a car. The guy I’m referring to is in the middle of traffic, making people in actual vehicles distracted by him being in front of their vehicles. And those kids, ask anyone living in that area of west side and most have stories of these kids ignoring stop signs and traffic lights, causing near hits and near accidents. One day those reckless kids are going to get hit and it’ll be the drivers fault when the blame will be actually those kids.

      • Joske

        If it’s moronic to bike in traffic then it’s also moronic to be ANYWHERE NEAR THE ROAD, considering 35,000 people die in CARS every year and 4,000 PEDESTRIANS also die every year. I guess it’s moronic to step outside your house too.

    • L.

      A bicyclist is supposed to and allowed to ride on the road with cars in PA. If the bicyclist was obeying the law, riding with traffic, using the correct hand signals when turning, etc., and not swerving he was following the traffic laws.
      “In Pennsylvania, a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and you must obey all of the laws that apply to other vehicles.”

    • jorge

      Were you somehow implying it’s not OK to ride in the street?
      Because it’s perfectly OK to ride in the street.

    • Johnny Que

      To you life is nuisance. You would exterminate it all in order to improve the Economy. Your brain does not allow for any type of thinking outside of what has been programmed into you by the wonderful Television and the Uncle Sam himself. I hope you reincarnate as mosquito!

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