Williamsport Welcomes the World

WILLIAMSPORT -- Everywhere you look on West Fourth Street in Williamsport there are signs welcoming people to Billtown. Just as the city hosts a parade before the start of the Little League World Series, there is a street fair right before championship weekend.

"This is definitely our opportunity to say thanks to everybody who has come out for the Little League World Series and welcome those people who are just making it for championship weekend," Jason Fink said.

People spent the day getting ready for the 7th annual Williamsport Welcomes the World. The street fair is packed with food and crafts for sale.

"You feel like you're in the middle of the universe," Betsy Rider said.

Betsy Rider owns Otto's Book Store.

"People come in and they tell us about their hometowns and how excited they are to be here and it's very nice," Rider said.

Rider`s store and most others stay open late for the event.

"It's almost like a Black Friday approach here in August," Fink said.

The event is only about a half mile long but there is a lot of action packed into that half mile.

"Over 90 vendors that will be downtown here," Fink said.

Williamsport Welcomes the World brings together people from near and far.

"It's exciting to see all the different cultures come to our town. We enjoy it," Robin Cillo said.

"Tremendous food, things we don't see back in California. It's just different and it's fun. Everybody's having a good time," Denny Curran said.