‘She’s going to come back to me’ – Mom Grateful after Amber Alert

NESCOPECK -- An Amber Alert issued in our area for a 3-year-old girl ended later in the day in New York City.

Just before noon, state police in Luzerne County issued an Amber Alert for a 3-year-old girl who was last seen at her home in Nescopeck.

The suspect took the child under circumstances that led police to believe the toddler was in danger.

Police found her in New York City after they say the child's father took her from their home without explanation.

State police say Robert Byrne took off with his daughter Ava early Friday morning, prompting a multi-state search for the girl.

Troopers say Byrne drove off with Ava from their home on Vine Street in Nescopeck.

The toddler's mom tells Newswatch 16 that Byrne has been increasingly angry over the past few weeks.

She believes he may be suffering side effects from a new medication he's been taking, and says his behavior has been uncontrollable.

A neighbor described hearing him argue with the toddler's mother last night.

"It woke my daughter up, so I tried to come down and diffuse the situation. She said that he hit her and tried to leave so I tried to stall him."

But he took off with Ava in a silver Hyundai and headed to New York City where he has family. That's where authorities say they captured them after someone noticed the car from the Amber Alert and told police about it.


A viewer snapped photos of the vehicle in Manhattan and a photo of an officer holding Ava unharmed.



Ava's mom is relieved her daughter is safe.

"Oh, my gosh, the best feeling in the world that she's fine ,she's alive, she's going to come back to me," said Morgan Barela

Robert Byrne is now in custody. Authorities expect to arraign him in Pennsylvania Saturday.


  • magicmikexxsm

    I’m glad the kid is safe , but something is crazy here…the amber alert didn’t go out till about 11:30am or so , seems this kid was missing for a long time, before someone realized the kid was gone…….wazzz up wit dat?????

  • too bad, so sad

    So i see megan’s law is now being used as a tool during domestic disputes. So sad. I will be disabling the megan’s law alert system from my phone now. This was not how the alert system was intended.

    • Dawn davenport

      Good to know you are uninterested in helping children, because of details that have nothing to do with you, and for some reason can’t understand. Gee, what a kind person you must be…..

      • too bad, so sad

        I am a person who refuses to get involved in family disputes. Amber alert was created for the chester at the park in a van with a handful of pixy stix. NOT for a mom and dad who have a disagreement. Shame on the abusers of what used to be a very affective tool in child abduction.

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