UPDATE: Amber Alert Cancelled, Man in Custody, Child Safe

NESCOPECK -- A man who allegedly abducted a girl, triggering an Amber Alert, is in custody in New York City, according to state police. Authorities said the child is safe.

State police issued an amber child abduction alert for Nescopeck in Luzerne County Friday morning for Ava Byrne, age 3, with brown hair and wearing only a diaper.

She was last seen on Vine Street in Nescopeck at 12:30 a.m. Friday.

She was reported abducted by Robert Byrne, 24. Police said Byrne is 5'9" tall, and weighs 215lbs. He has brown eyes and black hair and is driving a 2004 silver Hyundai Elantra with PA registration HKB 4681.

Anyone with information about the abduction should immediately contact the police by calling 911.


  • Rebecca J Schwab

    I’ve seen this car sitting behind bushes down over the hill from me for days then it disappeared on Friday. That man I’ve seen him over at my drug addict neighbors house a few times. Now this all makes sense after I heard my neighbor and an unknown male talking about hiding a car the one day.

  • A. Father

    Think about this….Under what department of county government is domestic relations? Answer..It is not under a branch of any county government agency, DR is regulated by Dept of Welfare. Then why is DR generally housed in the county courthouse? Follow how county benefit agencies receive their funding and what determines each counties percentage portion of state dollars they receive. You will then understand how the system is fixed. Next time your in a courthouse and you see the statue of the scales of justice, take note to what gender is holding the scales…..Take it from a father with full custody, who wouldn’t give up on his child.

  • Just Another Commenter

    This man prior to this is facing charges of terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment. Sounds to me like there could have been a PFA in place which could mean he should not be near his daughter. The only way an Amber Alert can be issued against a parent is if they have no legal custody or a PFA in place. That being said he was obviously considered a threat to this little girl and everyone should be grateful she is home safe. Don’t ignore Amber Alerts they are issued for a child’s safety, just because you don’t know the whole story, doesn’t mean it is “crying wolf” as I saw someone post. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you can judge them or their situation.

  • Be Concerned For Someone Other Than Yourself

    In these comments I see dads caught in court screwings, kids with unfavorable moms and dads. Its both ways, careful who you have kids with. Joan Riley Emery wrote a great comment. Google Ryan Lawrence, Onondaga County NY. He was Jealous of his small daughter for the attention she was getting. He admitted it. The attention in question was CANCER!! Poor child. She won the battle with cancer. Dad took her to Cortland County, Beat her to death. set her body on fire. Then he brought her body back to Onondaga County and Then dumped her body in Onondaga Lake. Rest In Peace Baby Maddox Lawrence. Find this child NOW, and stop projecting your woe on others. Choose your partners better.

  • Lu from the zoo

    I am getting tired of getting these amber alerts and getting all concerned, only to find out the abductor is a parent who lost custody rights and is acting out. Danger or no Danger it is not the same thing as a child who is kidnapped by a murderer or sex predator, and not really my concern. Alert me when I can help a child that is actually in danger, not just a broken home. Stop crying wolf. People are going to get tired of checking false alerts while the real pedo scum gets away in positions of power in society

  • Stan

    This is the reason the system is useless. It was created to protect children… But not from their parents. What nonsense.

    • chancesr2

      Just examples, ever hear of Josh Powell? How about Ryan Lawrence? Susan Smith? Diane Downs?
      Parents murder their own children all the time. An Amber Alert when a child is taken illegally by a parent is quite appropriate.

  • Sheila

    Come on what did the mom say to the police to issue an alert at the end of the day no one knows what goes on behind closed doors yes he should have done the resoponsable thing take his child to the local police and call an attorney but in the heat of the moment no one thinks ask yourself this question how many females have gotten custody of their kids knowing they shouldn’t have and how many dads have gotten a raw deal so before u pass judgement put urself in his shoes any Good parent puts their child 1st and deals with the fall out later IJS

  • tori misspelling

    How can anyone be so stupid, that you can’t see how a parent CAN kidnap their child?! You can’t honestly see where their are situations where this isn’t just a daddy daughter day outing? I hope you never go through a scary situation with your child, and have to read the comments of stupid hateful people

  • Effyou

    Evidently you have no kids from previous relationships with a wench…..never had to be away from a child you loved..or have no kids…thank God if you don’t🙂

  • Effyou

    What if it’s a father sick of the courts process not being able to see his daughter…bet you’d be the first to say deadbeat dad huh?

  • Concerned citizen

    It’s sad that there is no father’s rights anymore these days……gave women so many rights, men have none anymore…..

    • Good

      Look at this moron. Do you have any idea what the context of her parents relationship is? Just because he’s the father doesn’t mean the girl can’t be in serious danger. I get where you’re coming from but damn dude now isn’t the time to talk about it, you just look stupid. Then again I am responding to someone in WNEP comments so maybe I’m the idiot here..

      • Here for the Beer

        CONCERNED CITIZEN…Dads are forced to be deadbeats? That is the most ignorant thing I have ever read. You must be a deadbeat.

      • Concerned citizen

        No…just barely eat every three days with support and lawyers to pay out…support takes 60% taxes 30% lawyers about the rest just to be able to be in my kids lives as much as possible..don’t speak on a subject you know nothing of any possible scenario….

      • Just Passing Through

        Forced to be deadbeats? Favors the mother?
        My boyfriend has custody of his 3 children. They only go to their moms on the weekends. Prbly wouldn’t even get that much but he is to nice to push the issue. Courts choose who is better fit to parent. Generally mothers are more responsible when it comes to their children. That doesn’t mean it’s the case for everyone. We always hear about the men being deadbeats. That’s usually just bc the ball baby men are crying victim and women are better at running their mouths while real men just do what they need to do.

    • Jessica Lynne

      Please oh please give me some examples of this, I’ve never heard such bullshit. Men have no rights?! BWAHAHAHA My stepdad has full custody of his kids.

    • Gary

      What would everyone’s post say if their kid got kidnapped? You all should be ashamed of yourselves sticking up for this guy. Kid has nothing to do with any fight between the parents..leave it alone idiots

  • I Am The Antipope

    Does the father have any criminal record or is this another custody thing where some dumb sexist judge always rules in favor of the woman?

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