Woman Claims Bridge Work Damaged Her Home

MOUNTAINHOME -- A crack down the middle of Linda Richter's skylight at her home in Mountain wasn't always there.

She claims the crack happened sometime after work on the Route 390 bridge began last year.

The bridge work is part of PennDOT's bridge reconstruction program.

"The skylights inside, after they got done doing the pile driving on the first side that they did, we got a crack in the skylight and it's gotten worse since I first noticed it. It's lengthened," said Richter.

Richter tells Newswatch 16 when she noticed the damage, she called both PennDOT and the construction group contracted on the project.

Someone from the construction group did come out to look at the damage, but she hasn't heard anything since. Now she's hoping to get some answers.

"I started to make more calls because now I am thinking to myself, you know, they are almost done down there and they are going to be taking off and now and I am going to be sitting here thinking who is going to take care of what," said Richter.

However, the skylight isn't the only problem Richter has been dealing with.

This driveway was only supposed to be temporary. It couldn't be blacktopped last year because when work started because it was wintertime. So they couldn't lay it down. Now with winter coming up again, homeowners here hope it gets fixed.

According to Richter, crews wanted to close off this portion of her main driveway.

She says gravel was put down on this temporary one, but it's been doing more harm than good.

"I've had two people, one here was a jogger, I don't know the woman but she was jogging because the road was blocked off. She jogged down this path, I looked out the window and she went down. When are they going to blacktop this driveway to make it so I can maintain it? In the wintertime you can't plow it, you can't plow it," said Richter.

In a statement sent to Newswatch 16 by the contractors Walsh Granite said , "We do not comment on pending matters such as this."

Calls to PennDOT were also not returned as of Thursday.

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