Two Now Charged in Luzerne County Drug Theft, Meth Lab Investigation

arnott gosiewski

ASHLEY — Another person now faces charges after a nurse admitted to stealing painkillers from a cancer patient in Luzerne County.

Police arrested Jefferey Arnott, 50, and his girlfriend Andrea Gosiewski , 39, at their home in Ashley. Now, the house is declared unfit to live in after authorities found illegal drugs inside.

Gosiewski is charged with stealing pills from her own patient after police found her slumped over in a car in Edwardsville on Monday.

Gosiewski told police she took the painkillers from a hospice in Kingston to soothe her sore back.

“It’s not right,” said neighbor Edmund Okuniewski. “The patient needs that medication, especially cancer!”

Court papers indicate that police went to her home on Preston Street in Ashley to arrest her. That’s when they also found a suspected meth lab in the basement.

“Oh, baby! i didn’t know nothing about that,” said neighbor Henry Peshala. “You don’t know what happens behind closed doors, you know? Until you open them up and look in there, right?”

Authorities seized about a dozen guns from inside, plus materials suspected for making meth.

Police say Arnott came home during the search and admitted to making “speed.” He now faces drug charges and reckless endangerment in Luzerne County. But it’s not his family’s first run-in with law enforcement.

In 2012, Arnott’s son led police on a chase while driving a stolen ATV with an unleashed monkey. Authorities took his pet primate away. But at the time, he told Newswatch 16 why he kept it.

“I mean, he’s got four hands! He’s fun, we have fun with him,” Arnott’s son said.

Neighbors here remember the monkey, but there’s no monkey business involved with the charges Arnott Sr. now faces.

“Anything could happen with meth, especially these labs,” said Peshala.

Preliminary hearings for Arnott and Gosiewski are set for next month. Police also plan to charge Gosiewski with similar drug charges that Arnott faces.


  • Robo Cop

    Running a meth lab is one of the most respectable professions a person can have these days. Meth keeps the American economy moving. Truckers, pilots, and sailors need it to stay awake on those long cargo shipments.

    • you forgot one

      Robo cop, you forgot one “profession,” channel 16 websight comment editor. This person works long hours to. Usually a college intern who works free in return for college credit.

  • Bill

    these two are as goofy as angry radio white guilt ponytail freak Steve Corbette claiming to be a journalist. Now thatz gooFy !

    • SpongeBob

      What’s really sad is that Corbett WAS a good journalist. His perseverance had a lot to do with Glenn Wolseifer finally being charged with murdering his wife, Betty. For a while he did some superb investigative journalism. I don’t know what happened to him. He’s a buffoon now who tattles on police officers for their Facebook posts.

    • papokergod

      Funny you mention Corbett in this article. When the story broke about the kid and the monkey and the stolen quad, I proved to him the kid was a proven thief prior to that showing him valid court records which are public knowledge. He proceeded to tell me they could be inaccurate because of the appeals process. I then told him that’ all fine and well but when someone pleads guilty to a charge instead of being found guilty, they can’t appeal that. He then banned me from the WILK page.

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