Super 16 Team #1 Delaware Valley Warriors

There's a lot of optimism at Delaware Valley.

"This group of guys, we've been growing up together for our entire lives," senior running back Kyle Dillon said. "We've been dreaming of our senior year together playing varsity football. So we can't wait for it."

"The sky's the limit," senior quarterback Matt Cavallaro added. "We can go anywhere we put our minds to. As long as we work hard, play as one. Just finish. Finish. That's what coach has been talking about."

Keith Olsommer is about to kickoff his 19th season as head coach for the Warriors and year number 19 could be the best yet. He returns nine starters on each side of the ball and coach O says that's usually a good sign.

"I think it has a lot to do with how good you're going to be at our level," Olsommer said. "You just aren't able to kind of plug a couple of kids in and hide them. You need to have some guys that have a little bit of experience."

"Almost all of us started or at least played a good amount," Cavallaro said. "So that's definitely good for the team."

At the heart of all that experience is their senior quarterback, Matt Cavallaro. He's been a leader on this team before. But he says this year, the next step for him is to be more vocal."

"I definitely wasn't as vocal as I should have been last year," Cavallaro said. "I try to just do everything as hard as I can, make sure everybody else is doing what they're supposed to be doing."

"Last year he was more of a leader by example," Olsommer added. "You can see that he's more vocal this year already. He's assumed the leadership role a little bit more. He's the kind of guy that every coach wants in that position."

To lead his team, and not settle. This is a new year.

"Coach O has been talking to us. He's been saying, you know, don't settle for league champs. Don't settle for district champs," Dillon said. "We're two time defending league champs and we're ready to see how far we can go within the state playoffs."

"Each team has to go out and define its own identity," Olsommer said. "You have to kind of clear the past and forget what accomplishments you have in the past. You have to go out and earn accomplishments for yourself."