Ryan Lochte Charged with Falsely Reporting Crime

Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte has been charged with falsely reporting a crime according to Rio police.

A statement from the department’s chief has requested a letter be sent to Lochte communicating the legal process related to the charges.

A copy of the indictment also will be sent to the International Olympic Committee’s ethics commission.

Lochte had reported the incident to  NBC, which is broadcasting the Olympics in the United States, saying the swimmers’ taxi was pulled over and men flashed a police badge at the Americans before forcing them to the ground. After Lochte refused to get down, he said a man cocked a gun and pressed it against his head.

Brazilian authorities say  Lochte and other U.S. swimmers were never robbed, and that surveillance video showed them vandalizing a gas station after a night of partying.


  • Robert

    Sorry, 30 something is a kid in my book….however…the impact this event will impact my life is effectively zero.
    My point is we have a government filled with officials who have no moral compass, yet we give them a pass to continue lying and making our lives miserable (Mostly TAX/Regulatios)…..while your attention is misdirected, having such a strong opinion on nothing that matters.

  • Ana

    Hes not a kid. Hes 30 some yrs old. An adult. He actually should have been the role model to the actual kids with him. Hes a complete ass. I pray he doesnt face a serious sentencing, but a definite lesson needs to be taught here. And scaring the hell out of his mother with the same lie is disgusting.

  • Robert

    Now this is sad. Silly kid gets caught causing some trouble and lying…..that’s what kids do.
    Yet….our elected officials ( or those running for office ) get a pass?
    Are you kidding me?
    This kid just lost millions in endorsements, but governments around the world line up to give the Clinton’s millions?

  • Jane

    Strip him of his medals .. Take him off his high horse … Our future Olympians need to know this will not be tolerated . Respect just keeps going down the drain .. Very sad

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