Former Church To House Keystone Community Resources

SCRANTON -- St. Francis of Assisi Church on Genet Street in Scranton shut its doors last year. It now has a new owner.

News that first caused some anxiety for folks who live in the quiet neighborhood in south Scranton.

"Well, it`s a shame so many of the churches have to close. Before you said the reason, I thought its been sold it`s a terrible thing because you never know what they`re going to do with the property, all the churches have been here for so long so it`s a shame when they have to close in general," said Matt Gromala.

Gromala is from Pittston but often visits friends on Genet Street.  He was comforted to hear what St. Francis of Assisi will become.

It was recently purchased by Keystone Community Resources, a company that provides services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Well, it`s great, there always needs to be more places, there`s not enough programs for people with disabilities," Gromala added.

Keystone Community Resources officials say renovations will be taking place over the next year. Work will mostly be going on inside. Keystone wants the outside to still look like a church.

On the inside, Keystone will operate a day program for its clients. Officials plan to host an open house in the near future for their new neighbors.

Most neighbors who talked with Newswatch 16 weren't worried about the changes to come.

"I don`t think it affects me. I hope that it doesn`t change anything around the neighborhood but I don`t foresee it changing anything. It`s just people trying to help people," David Kaman said.

Keystone Community Resources should be done with its renovations of the old church this time next year.