Two Women Arrested after Toddler Pot Video Shared on Facebook

FORT HALL, Idaho, — Shocking video posted on Facebook shows four adults smoking marijuana in front of a toddler, East Idaho News reports. 

One woman blows smoke into the child’s face and, at one point, appears to stick the joint in his mouth.

The video was shot inside a home on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation and posted on a Facebook page over the weekend.

Two women are laughing and teasing the child, who appears to be 3 or 4 years old, as they pass the marijuana joint to other adults in the room.

One of the women repeatedly blows smoke in the toddler’s face and another says, with a laugh, “No more getting high? He’s all blazing it.”

Fort Hall police say two women have been arrested for child endangerment, but authorities aren’t releasing their names or mugshots.

Authorities say they are close to obtaining arrest warrants on the other two adults who were in the room while the video was being shot.

After the video was posted on Facebook on Saturday, dozens of angry comments were posted and the video had been removed by Monday evening. has reached out to the Fort Hall Police Department for further information on this case. We will post updates when we receive them.


  • Tim

    This may play out badly, but what harm is this child going to get?
    More upper body protection from cancer as proven by years of indepth study? Increased intelligence? Better social skills? More aware of the world around him?
    The child is getting THC from breast milk called Anandamide.
    Can anyone articulate an actual Negative issue? And the “Developing Minds” argument has been proven to be nonsense as well?

    I get the emotional reaction, but if smoking a joint stopped your daughters/sons epilepsy or asthma attacks, or helped migraines, nausea, or helped them feel better because of cancer, every one of you would be doing what this picture shows. You can damn well bet I would be.

    Even if the child is not ill, or having an issue, what harm is this child enduring assuming it is only cannabis?

    • BE NICE

      Obviously you are also part of the problem. This video is clear evidence of child abuse. All of the adults in that room should be incarcerated immediately and that child should never have to look at any of their faces again.

  • Dylan

    Take the Welfare away from these dirtbags and they’d be too busy working to smoke pot, abuse this kid and post on facebook!!!!

    • Trumpsupporter4785

      We need more prisons. It would be a domino effect. If we build more prisons and get rid of all of these government programs that are supporting criminals, our country would be in a whole different direction. Not to mention the fact that we are bringing refugees over that should not even be here. We cannot even support the people already here.

      • BE NICE

        Agreed. Where’s the logic behind letting criminals go because of not enough prisons? I’d like to think that most people would rather see their tax dollars go to keeping dangerous criminals behind bars as opposed to paying for their housing and welfare on the outside, while they continue to neglect and abuse their children and sit around drinking and doing drugs all day long.


    Poor child being raised by a bunch of scumbags. These scummy people actually prioritize posting their useless selves on social media over the way they treat this poor sweet child. I guess they want to make sure they raise him up to be as problemed as they are themselves. Disgusting.

  • Dylan

    This is exactly why it should be required to take and pass a drug test and a full psych eval prior to being allowed to breed.

  • Dylan

    Are you kidding me..ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??? The apocalypse can’t come soon enough with Retards like this having children. Scumbags…..

  • Trumpsupporter4785

    I have seen numerous parents smoke marijuana with their toddlers. Cops don’t do their job anymore. That’s just one example of how we are going down the tubes.

    • JD

      It’s not the “cops” responsibility to interfere with so called “parenting”. Who is this woman’s MOTHER?!

      • Trumpsupporter4785

        I meant that if cops do their job catching criminals, we would not have situations like this. Look at cops 30 years ago and then look at cops now. They take their jobs a lot less seriously today. You could also thank the liberal Democrats. If all government assistance is canceled then maybe people would go out looking for jobs. The kid will probably be the same way sit at home all day and blow pot in his kids face.

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