Super 16 Team #4 Berwick Bulldogs

As the paint dries on the outside wall of the Berwick field house a remembrance to George Curry as the greatest coach in Pennsylvania state history a new era emerges nearby with new head coach Frank Sheptock. His new look Berwick Bulldogs bring back Jared Marshman as the starting quarterback moving Mike Force to wide receiver. Kyle Pierce is the man in the middle anchoring a solid offensive line.

"A good relationship and a lot of familiarity with the boys and with me, so that helped a great deal in the transition and then our seniors have done a great job with helping transitioning me into the program," said Frank.

"You know when he first came here as the athletic director very helpful while Coach Curry was still here he was helping the football team and basketball team
and when he took over as the head coach here in December he did everything he could for me personally and as a team," said Kyle.

Speedy Anthony Cicini should receive plenty of carries at running back.

"Obviously we are putting in some new things with a new coach and we are just trying to get used to all that. I think that it's going smooth so just until we get a hold of all the new terminology and things like that it's going to be a little tough, but I think we will be alright," said Anthony.

We'll obviously last year the strength was on the defense for Berwick with 11 interceptions and 15 sacks. Offensively they struggled in the air only 600 yards there 4 touchdowns and 5 picks and the line allowed 18 sacks but the numbers returning are up so Coach Sheptock will rely on the offense a little more.

"Offensively what we have to do is just be more productive from that standpoint. Obviously we've had some great defensive games last year where we we're dominating the games and we are winning close games and offensively we are looking to be able to be more explosive," added Frank.

Super 16 team #4 the Berwick Bulldogs. Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Columbia County.