Super 16 Team #3 Dunmore Bucks

When you think of the Dunmore Bucks, you know it's a team that will ground and pound.
This year is no different for Dunmore... A tough, physical offense led by solid running backs.

"Every year we have the same mentality on both sides of the ball: physical and fast.  We love to run the ball and make big plays in big games," said senior running back Colin Holmes.

Last season, the Bucks made it to the quarterfinals in state playoffs only to have their dreams of another state title cut short. They also lost a core group of seniors and now are filling those gaps.
"We've got to find some leadership.  We had some great leaders last year and we lost some great football players, so the big factor we have to keep in mind is how well we practice and of course injuries is a big factor for us right now," said head coach Jack Henzes.

The  Bucks consistently have solid running backs including Colin Holmes and Kyle Lasher this year.  Now, if the defense can produce turnovers like the offense can score touchdowns, there's no reason that the Bucks can't win 12 games this season.
"We have a very strong back field this year.  We have 3 running backs this year, all very strong, very fast.  They'll run the ball right down anyone's throat this year.  Our defense, I think we're looking pretty solid, too.  Our line is big, our defensive backs are strong so I think we're shaping up to be pretty good," said senior Nick Lawler.

Lawler and junior Nick Shoemaker will be a formidable duo for the the Dunmore 'D'.  Paired with players working double duty, the same goes for the offense, where a stable of running back are there to compliment Colin Holmes.

"If we are fresh for the end of the season, that's going to be how we're going to win games so we're going to stay with that philosophy and do what we have to do."

Hoping to charge hard into Week 1, Super 16 Team number 3, the Dunmore Bucks.