One Teen in Union County Rock Throwing Paroled

LEWISBURG -- One of the teens jailed for throwing rocks off an overpass in Union County has now been paroled.

19-year-old Keefer McGee was one of four teenagers convicted of throwing rocks onto Interstate 80 which left a woman severely injured.

Keefer McGee is now a free man after a judge released him from prison on parole despite strong objections from the Union County District Attorney.

The judge said McGee served 11 ½ months behind bars which was his minimum sentence.

Tom Clouser is the McGee family's neighbor in New Columbia.

“People make mistakes. They do, and he just hung out with the wrong crowd. If he wouldn't have hung out with the wrong crowd, he wouldn't be in the situation he is,” said Clouser. “I feel sorry for him. I really do because he just ruined his life.”

McGee was one of four teens convicted and locked up for throwing rocks off an overpass and onto Interstate 80 back in 2014.

Those rocks hit Sharon Budd as she was riding in a car with her family who had been traveling from their home in Ohio.

“Wrong kids, he was with the wrong kids,” said Tessa Batman from Milton. “I went to school with Keefer. I never had any problems with Keefer.  He actually is a really good kid so I`m glad he didn`t have any troubles and followed what he was supposed to do.”

When McGee was sentenced last year to 11 ½ to 23 months in jail, Sharon's husband, Randy Budd, had expressed shock as to how short the sentence was.

Robert Kare agrees it was a light sentence.

“It's almost unforgivable. They need to do some time, big time,” said Kare.

Since the rock throwing incident, Randy Budd had been working on getting legislation here in Pennsylvania that would put fencing along overpasses. Budd had already been successful in getting a similar bill passed in his home state of Ohio.

Sadly, Randy Budd died earlier this month, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Union County District Attorney blamed Budd's suicide on those teens who injured Budd's wife.

“It's awful,” said Kare. “It's a tragedy that has no ending. Everybody's going to live with this for the rest of their lives.”

Senator Gene Yaw had been working with Randy Budd on that legislation and says shortly before Budd died he sent Yaw a text asking to him to please settle the fence issue.

Yaw says he is actively working on the bill.


  • ------

    He’s a good kid. Yea right. His actions dictate otherwise. Good kids don’t conspire to throw rock’s off of over-passes and then flee the scene instead of trying to help when a women is nearly killed. Spare me on the good kid.

    What is the name of this judge? I want to know so that I don’t vote for him when they come up for re-election.

  • ***

    I know the Justice System is blind…but come on…These kids ruined an entire family. Randy is dead now and its directly related with this incident…a whole family ruined. another family pieced back together in 11.5 months. Some justice we got there. Excellent comment about remembering this when the judge is up for election again. My heart once again has to go out to the Budd family.

  • Fed up

    Wow, you’ve got to be kidding me. This is just a little over the sentence my daughter has received and her sentence was for probation violations. Unreal, absolutely unreal. What is WRONG with our justice system???!??@?#?!!

  • Disappointed.

    I like how this article states he was with the “wrong” kids. If he was nothing like those kids, why didn’t he try to stop the incident from happening? He is just as guilty as the others and should have had the same amount of time locked away.

  • R T

    This is a Crime within itself, Minimum Sentence for this idiot, This piece of Garbage not only did this kid destroy Sharon Budds life but he contributed to the Death of Randy Budd her husband, he may not have physically pulled the trigger to end Mr. Budds life, but he contributed to the ending of Mr. Budds life due to this “good kids” actions. Now this poor woman’s life is destroyed, and her husband is gone. All because this “Good Kid” was with the wrong crowd. I guess he couldn’t think for himself at the time. This idiots minimum sentence release is a insult to the Budd Family, and the justice system. The Judge should be ashamed of himself, and when his or her term is up the voters should remember this.

  • jeff

    Let this young man,try to get his life started… He served his time for his crime.. His life will be difficult as it is with out everyone getting step by step of his life…this is why judicial system is in place..

  • Jt

    First off the kid was being a dumb kid and second budd killed himself not the kid. Im sure he learned his lesson and everyone deserves a second chance . all the rest if you bashing the system probably never had to use the system. Four kids can not be at fauly for one rock that was thrown. All four got pentalized for their actions. Stay ouy of trouble kid or they will crusify you the next tine you screw up.

  • confused

    Please enlighten me. Which boy threw the rock? Or did all four boys hold the one rock at the same time and then throw it? I havent quite understood this story since it happened.

  • Show me the money

    That’s nice considering that his victim is still suffering everyday and on top of that dealing with the loss of her husband which is a direct result of his carelessness.This POS should rot in jail the rest of his life from all the lives he affected…..This isn’t justice by any means

  • CeeMe

    How grand for him. He and his fellow idiots ruin a woman’s life and then possibly be the cause of her husband committing suicide. I remember being young and bored at times, searching for something to do, but even in my lowest periods, I would never have thought of doing something so harmful and stupid.

  • magicmikexxsm

    One Teen in Union County Rock Throwing Paroled…………………………..

    One condition of his parole should be to go to Ohio once a moth and do upkeep on poor buds grave……..

  • enough said

    Now before everybody gets on here and starts beating this guy up, listen to what i have to say. Turn your hostility towards the joke we call our justice system.

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