Nurse Accused of Stealing Pain Medicine from Terminal Cancer Patient

EDWARDSVILLE -- Police in part of Luzerne County say a nurse took pain medication from a terminal patient and used it herself.

Officers in Edwardsville say they found Andrea Gosiewski, 39, of Ashley slumped at the wheel of a vehicle in a parking lot on Monday.

Gosiewski is a registered nurse.

Investigators said she had been taking hydromorphone, an opioid pain medication, from a terminal leukemia patient at Erwine Home Healthcare in Kingston between May and August of 2016.

Officers say she told them she took the medication because she has neck and back pain and didn't believe there was anything that could "save" the patient.

"It's just crazy that people would steal from cancer patients, like they're the people who need it the most, and they're there taking it from them," said Andrew Morgan, a neighbor of Gosiewski.

On Wednesday, police raided her home on Preston Street in Ashley.

Police have not said what they found in the home, but investigators in protective suits were seen going in and out of the home, carrying out bottles of chemicals and guns.

Gosiewski is locked up in the Luzerne County jail.



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