Little League World Series Boosts Business in Billtown

WILLIAMSPORT -- Thousands of fans cheer on the teams at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport. And after those fans leave the stadium, many are hungry. There are many places to eat in the Williamsport area, but a lot of baseball fans choose The Brickyard on Pine Street.

"We start getting people in that Wednesday for the Little League parade," Amanda Lorson said.

The Brickyard, like many businesses in Billtown, has signs welcoming people to Williamsport. Manager Amanda Lorson says during the Little League World Series, they stay open late sometimes because they get so busy.

"We see a lot of the teams. We get a lot of the families. We usually hand out posters to all of the downtown hotels so it draws people here more," Lorson said.

During the Little League World Series, stores such as The Clothier draw people inside with welcoming window displays. Owner Francis Ciccarelli has seen customers from all over the country this week.

"One from Tennessee, one from California, one from Texas. They all come across here from staying at the local hotels, come and visit and come in the store," Ciccarelli said.

The teams' families need a place to stay. Five out of the 16 groups are staying at Genetti Hotel in downtown Williamsport.

"Australia, we have the Southwest, the West, the Northwest and the Southeast," Marc Shefsky said.

There is a large display of pins in the Genetti Hotel lobby, signs, and Manager Marc Shefsky even has a set up where teams can watch replays of their games.

"That's what it's all about. Welcoming everybody to Williamsport for the time of their life," Shefsky said.