Family of Man from Scranton Who Died at Ricketts Glen State Park Search For Lost Dog

FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP --  Yuri Sannikov's family calls his death tragic, but they also believe his death at Ricketts Glen State Park was symbolic—he had a passion for the outdoors.

“This is one of the things he really liked to do, is go hiking, go out in nature and this was a special place,” said his son, Roman.

In fact, Newswatch 16 did a story about Sannikov just a few years ago working at Montage Mountain and enjoying being out in the cold.

“When I'm working, I'm mostly standing outside. People are surprised I'm standing there, but for me, it's really nothing serious. Because I'm born in Siberia. I'm just used to winters,” he told us in February 2014.

The family believes the 74 year old  from Scranton fell Monday evening after trying to stop his beagle Morty from slipping out of his harness. Sannikov's two sons didn't plan to spend their day looking for their dad's dog, but their dad was a special guy and Morty is a special dog.

“He's somebody who my father just adored, so we're trying our best to make sure that he's OK,” his son said.

So the family went to the state park, posting flyers and even bringing in Bonnie Snyder of Bellabon's Pet Recovery Services.

“We will find him, I have no doubt. Actually, we tracked one down in the winter time,” she said.

Shortly before the family arrived to look for Morty,  people in this parking lot say they saw him, but he ran away in the woods.

“The dog ran that way, and we noticed its back leg was hurt,” said a woman from New Jersey. She and others helped in the search and they're not giving up.


  • yourgross

    You are an absolute disgusting human being, and a complete waste of space. Do you not have any feelings towards any living beings? For some people, an animal is the only companion for them. The only thing that hasnt left their side. I hope you live a terribly pathetic life, and that karma brings you nothing but misery!

    • spare me

      I’ll bet if bonnie spent as much time looking for a dog in the woods as she has been spending her time on the channel 16 camera and websight, (calling posters ignorant ) she probably would have found this dog by now. I hope she’s not charging this family by the hour.

      • Robin

        Its awfully sad that some women who rescue animals are unable to get along. This “pet recovery” thing is a great service but I have never seen so much drama with women who do it. You tear each other apart all because you want YOUR name out there. You want people to see that YOU saved the animal (and with your long success story you add in that donations are needed). Seems like nothing but a rat race for who’s better. I have seen people offer help and assistance to pet owners and I have seen remarks by you bashing them because they know nothing and aren’t “certified professionals”.(How dare someone help and do your “job”! Right?) That brings me to another question, how does a person pay their bills if they don’t work?

    • giving myself a bone

      How long will it take this woman to find this dog. Its been several days now. What if she never finds this dog? Will we then have gone wrong with bonnie? Will that be proof that she wont “find ’em?”

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