Earthquake in Italy Hits Close to Home in Pittston

PITTSTON -- A statue of Christopher Columbus on Main Street in Pittston serves as a reminder of the rich Italian heritage of the world's quality tomato capitol.

It may also be a reminder to some of the tragedy that struck in Italy overnight.

"It's always heartbreaking to see people like, they work all their lives for like housing then what, all of a sudden, for like a split second, everything is done," said Antonio Cosdigliole, Napoli's Pizza owner.

The owner of Napoli's Pizza in Pittston is from Italy and woke up to the news of the earthquake. The first thing he did was call his sister and the rest of his family who still live in his home country. Now, he plans to pray for the victims of the quake and their families, wishing he could do more.

"Thank God they're OK, but I feel bad for the other people!"

The earthquake also touched the lives of many people who attend daily mass at St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church in Pittston. They hope, through the power of prayer, to help those who were hurt.

"The power of prayer is the most important thing that you have, because without it, all of us, we're nowhere, we can't do anything," said one parishioner.

"I just wish those people get back to their norm, and hopefully God will take care of it," said Sam Gubitosi.

Residents of a community in Lackawanna County also have close ties to the region of Italy hit by the quake.

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