Cafe and More Coming to Public Library

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A public library in Monroe County is planning to undergo major renovations this year to become more than just a library.

Eastern Monroe Public Library near Stroudsburg plans to start building a cafe and more reading space this fall.

Inside the library, guests can find all sorts of materials like books, DVDs, and computers, but one thing patrons think the place is lacking is a place to grab a cup of joe.

"One of the first things we are going to do is put in a cafe in this area which is our friend’s bookstore," said library director Susan Lyons.

Over the last few years, patrons have been wishing for a cafe inside the library. After the library received a more than $400,000 grant from the Hughes Foundation, it was decided to make that wish a reality.

Some people we spoke to tell us in a time where some libraries are shrinking, it's nice to see this one expanding. Some young readers we spoke to tell us with a cafe inside, more students might come in and do homework after school with friends.

"If you can get a book here and go to the cafe that's a great idea. You can bond with your friends, have something to drink, have something to eat. I would do it," said Peyton Argot of Scotrun.

And while the cafe is a big part of the expansion, there will be some other work done too.

More study rooms, meeting spaces and restrooms will be also be added to the second floor.

"I am in the Pocono Township area and I know our library is very small, so sometimes I come here so it's great to hear that it is expanding," said Danielle Argot of Scotrun.

"We appreciate all the feedback that we have gotten over the past couple of years from our patrons and we have heard them and are happy to make these wishes into a reality," Lyons added.

The expansion work isn't the only thing to celebrate this year. Library staff will also celebrate 20 years inside the building on August 31.