Teen Sentenced for Bringing Gun to School

EAST STROUDSBURG -- A young man arrested for bringing a loaded gun to East Stroudsburg Senior High School South will spend one to two years in jail.

Shavelle Mills Jr. was sentenced Tuesday morning after pleading guilty to having a firearm without a license and a gun on school grounds.

Officials say they found a loaded revolver in the 18 year old's backpack in March.

School officials got a tip he was planning to bring the weapon to school and stopped him on his way into the building.



    I guess the opportunity for an education and perhaps a decent job after graduation doesn’t appeal to him. He probably doesn’t think he can make as much money working a real job than he can selling drugs. Maybe jail is a better institution for him then. A loaded gun in high school should be worth 10 years in prison. Then he can get out of jail and continue selling drugs, maybe kill one or two people and go back to jail. Nice future for him. May as well just keep him in jail.

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