Scranton Man Dead After Fall at Ricketts Glen

RICKETTS GLEN STATE PARK -- State police are investigating a deadly fall in Ricketts Glen State Park in Luzerne County.

They say Yuri Sannikov, 74, of Scranton was walking his beagle with a family member when he disappeared Monday night.

That family member called state park police, and soon 40 people were searching the area. The search continued all night. A helicopter was called in, too.

Tuesday morning, Sannikov's body was found at the bottom of a water fall.

"You know, it's gravelly. It's wet. The combination, you can slip," said Marie Altese of Maryland who has hiked the trails in the area many times. She avoids the area where Sannikov fell.

"I think it is surprising. I mean, just coming here and then hearing that, but I hear about it happening and people falling into water and passing away,” said Alexa Wight of Conshohocken.

Hikers say part of the falls trail was closed while state police investigated.

"We've seen paramedics coming down earlier so we didn't know what was going on when we got there. Unfortunately, come to find out that someone had passed away,” said Harold of Queens.

State police say other hikers reported seeing Sannikov and his dog walking the trails right before the deadly fall. Troopers want to speak with anybody who may have additional information.

"I think it's surprising when someone passes away. Injuries happen all the time. I think it's important to travel with a buddy and always be prepared, wear proper footwear, and just be careful, thoughtful,” said Ben Borgmann-Winter of Conshohocken.


  • SARTech

    You know this is the second fatality at RGSP this summer? Most of the time, injuries that require outside assistance are from improper footwear, failure to be aware of ones surroundings, inexperience on difficult trails, or medical emergencies. Not all of the facts are included in the news report. When the two became separated, it was dark due to tree cover. It was accidental. No foul play is suspected.

  • greeneyedbonbon

    You all are ignorant.. I am the pet recovery service that has been called in to assist with finding this dog… there is NOTHING suspicious here.. Ive worked those trails before and this can happen very easy. I want you all to be prepared to be right beside any family member that has an accident.. this is horrible that you have no feelings at all. This family is devastated and all you can say are horrible things?? NO the dog hasnt been found yet but I am going to work hard to get the dog safe for this family. As I said, dont EVER let any family member have an accident and die cause you SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO HELP!!! I admit, this is why I work with animals more because humans are terrible.. cant anyone show respect, of course they didnt want their dad to die!!!! This has been traumatic on them all!!! Grow up and show respect!!!
    Bellabons Pet recovery Services

  • keystone cops

    It was stated on wbre that the son told the father to “go ahead” because the son could not “keep up.” Really? Much younger son couldnt keep up with 74 yr old dad? I wish i was the investigator on this one.

    • Donna

      Why oh why do people leave such awful comments when there is a tragedy like this? I truly do not understand. Do they really think they are comedians or detectives???

  • angela

    Was the family member he was walking with in his will? Normally people don’t just ‘disappear’ as you are walking along a trail, especially an elderly adult.

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