Montour County Business Under Investigation

VALLEY TOWNSHIP -- A furniture business in Montour County is now under the suspicion of the state attorney general's office because of what has happened to some customers.

The parking lot outside Rudy's Mart near Danville is empty and the inside of the store does not have much merchandise. The sign on the front door says, "Closed, Out of Business," leaving several people without their money and furniture.

"At this point, there are folks who have not been able to get in contact with the owners of the business," Montour County District Attorney Angela Mattis said.

Mattis recently found out there were people who paid for furniture at Rudy's Mart, but never got their items. Her office, state police, and the state attorney general's office started an investigation.

"Once it became apparent that this was a trend, not just one or two individuals, state police started taking reports, potentially looking at the possibility of criminal activity," Mattis said.

Police reports show two instances where people bought furniture from Rudy's Mart, the furniture was not delivered, and the customers were not refunded.

One of those customers told us, "We just got married, had a baby, and moved into a new house. Losing out on money for furniture is the last thing we need."

"That was not our experience at all," Susan Kauwell said.

Susan Kauwell of Mahoning Township bought her living room set from Rudy's Mart about two years ago.

"They delivered it when they said they would. I got the merchandise I ordered. It was on time. The delivery people were wonderful and I had a very good experience," Kauwell said.

Kauwell planned to buy more furniture from Rudy's Mart, but is glad she didn't.

Even though some people have already filed complaints, the district attorney believes there are more people out there and she urges them to come forward.

"Without individuals stepping forward, we don't know the extent of this particular issue," Mattis said.

Rudy's Mart was a family owned business that was open for about eight years.

If you believe you are in this situation, the Montour County District Attorney is asking you to contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 570-963-4913.


  • burtfan16

    Hey Susan Kauwell of course you didn’t have any problems two years ago, they weren’t going out of business back then! What the hell is the matter with some people?

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