Florida Man Lured to His Death Through Online Dating Site: Police

AUBURNDALE, Fla. — A Florida man was looking for love when he signed up for a popular online dating site, but was instead lured to his death, police said Monday.

Adam Hilarie (Facebook)

Adam Hilarie (Facebook)

Adam Hilarie, 27, of Auburndale,was found shot to death at his apartment Friday.

Police say the single father had arranged a date last Thursday with 18-year-old Hailey Rose Bustos, who he met on the online dating site “PlentyofFish.”

The pair went bowling, according to the Orlando Sentinel, and Bustos texted him afterward, saying, “I had a good time and would like to see you again.”

They arranged to see each other the next night, but police say Bustos brought three other men to Hilarie’s apartment to rob him instead.  During the robbery, one of the men allegedly shot him in the head.

“Hilarie was begging for his life, he was not putting up any kind of fight, and was telling them that he had a 5-year-old daughter,” according to arrest reports.

Police say Bustos was paid $50 to go on the dating site with the intent to set the man up for a robbery — but it ultimately ended in his death.

“Once she got home, they talked together; they worked out the details and then went back and committed the murder,” Auburndale Police Deputy Chief Andy Ray said. “I think the plan was that he get robbed and that they take his stuff.”

Bustos, 18, of Auburndale; Andre Warner, 26, of Auburndale; Gary Terrell Gray, 31, of Lakeland; and Joshua Ellington, 26, of Lake Alfred, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a firearm/deadly weapon and first-degree murder.

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  • glad im white

    The most shocking thing that i got out of this story is that a black man was taking on the responsibility of being a father. Im still not sure if i buy that. Doubt it.

  • ..x

    3 to rob some poor guy? Must be doing it for the glamour, of course base animals cover themselves in excrement which i struggle to understand as well

  • little confused here

    totally innocent black man murdered for absolutely no reason and now 5 year old daughter grows up without a father… why are there not protests and riots?? why isn’t Obama speaking on this?? so let me get this straight, if a black man resists arrest and is combative toward a cop and ends up getting shot then that’s a huge issue that threatens to divide the nation?? but if a group of black guys set up an innocent man to rob him at gunpoint and then assassinate him, that’s not a big deal and no one cares?? wow this country is completely screwed up…

    • Confusion Lifted

      The police are enforced to protect and serve. When the authority does not do its job correctly, the people get unrested.

      Crime like this in the black community is very common. It’s not the country that is screwed up, it’s the community that refuses to change.

    • BE NICE

      I say this with regret, because I wish all people could live in peace regardless of color and religion. Sadly that is hardly the case. But it does seem to me like black people are more racist toward white people than white people are racist toward black people.

  • Supporter of America

    The four of them should get the chair. So “…… lives matter” apparently has no issues with this because it does make headlines for them. What a waste of life, regardless of skin tone, and now this guy’s little girl has to grow up without a dad.

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