Chairs Made Just for Little League

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- There are a few things you will only see once a year at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport.

Little League is a unique experience and when it comes to comfort while watching the game, fans don't cut corners. Instead, they cut the legs right off their chairs.

If you want to watch the game at Lamade Stadium, you have a few seating choices. You can sit in the bleachers or you can sit on the hill.

Fans who come every year have found a comfortable solution to the hillside seating behind Lamade Stadium. Instead of bringing regular four-legged chairs, many cut the back two legs almost completely off.

"If you don't cut off the backs then you're fighting the hill the whole time," explained Barb Loveland of Syracuse, New York. "You're trying to sit on the hill (and) not fall forward, and by cutting off the backs, it makes them sit level and you can just enjoy the beautiful day."

So many people bring uneven chairs that businesses in the area have even begun renting them out for the games.

The big question for many is what happens to the chairs during the off season?

"In Louisiana the land's flat. I need all four legs when I'm at home. This is the only place we'll use them," said Paul Stevens of Louisiana.

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